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GoYNG Cure-Q-Mine drops is a powerful bioavailable curcumin extract from turmeric for people looking to boost their immunity. It is really good if we can add bioavailable curcumin so easily by just adding few drops in any drink we take.

Bioavailable curcumin meaning - entering the circulation of body when introduced and able to give desired effect.

 Curcumin is one of the key active ingredients in turmeric, found in the roots of turmeric plants (Curcuma Longa). Over the years, it has been used widely for its excellent medicinal properties. 

Isn’t it crazy how your immune system battles billions of invaders be it toxins, bacterias or viruses every single day!

But what if it's getting harder day by day for your immune system to detect these invaders? What if it is giving out signs for help?

To your relief, there exists a way with which you can help yourself and your immune system. Meet curcumin- a blessing in disguise. 

Curcumin assists and interacts with your immune system by constantly preparing your body to defend against viruses and bacteria. The exemplary antioxidant properties of curcumin further prevent infections and diseases that succeed in keeping your immune system healthy year-round. 

The rising concern people have while consuming curcumin is that curcumin has limited bioavailability. Being fat-soluble, it dissolves in fat and not water, hence implying curcumin’s low solubility in water. This results in curcumin simply getting excreted out by the body. 

Since curcumin isn’t absorbed well by the body, there is very little curcumin available to use by the body. 

GoYNG takes pride in introducing you to the most convenient way to boost the absorption of curcumin. GoYNG’s Cure Q Mine drops add the highest potency curcumin in a convenient drop pack. 

We source bioavailable curcumin extracts, known for years because of optimum health benefits and capture them in drops, manufactured right here in India with strict quality control. The unique formulation of GoYNG’s vegan Cure Q Mine drops is certified by CMIRD and protects body’s natural defenses. 

GoYNG takes pride in manufacturing it in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified facility to adhere to the high standards of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

The result is superior-quality Cure Q Mine drops that are suitable for adults of all ages and work best for both men and women.

Premium GoYNG Cure Q Mine drops do not contain any harmful and artificial colours, flavours, or chemicals thus making it a healthy choice to go for. It is blended with co-nutrients and botanical curcumin extracts to pump high-quality curcumin inside your body that you otherwise miss out on due to a busy lifestyle and low bioavailability.

Order your 30 ml drops pack of this power-packed, ayurvedic curcumin extracts drops for better curcumin absorption and bring yourself the myriad benefits and goodness of complete turmeric concentrate that are taking the scientific world by storm!

Key Features


100% Natural

No chemicals are used during the extraction process to lock potency


High quality premium grade all natural Clear Drop (veg)


No added sugar so you can feel good about what is going into your body

Rigorously Tested

FDA level quality control to ensure the purest supplements

No dilution or filler

Unlike other supplement manufacturers, we NEVER dilute or use artificial fillers

No foul smell / taste

So that you enjoy taking every time you use

Made in India

Made for the world

Other Benefits


Antioxidant Support

Free-flowing radicals damage your body’s functioning. Curcumin has potent antioxidant properties that assist your body’s healing mechanism in naturally repairing the damage done to cells. GoYNG’s Cure Q Mine drops are effective in preventing these free radicals and other toxins that can damage your organs (liver)

Fights Inflammation

Inflammation may be linked to long-term, life-threatening diseases. Curcumin has excellent anti-inflammatory properties that improves how the body's immune system responds to viruses and bacteria. Hence, GoYNG’s Cure Q Mine drops regulate safe and healthy digestive functions in your body.

Boosts Digestion

Strong anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin supplement reduce inflammation in your gut. Curcumin also improve nutrient absorption in the digestive system of your body. Hence, for better and healthy digestion, GoYNG’s Cure Q Mine drops prove excellent

Prevents Cancer

Studies have found that curcumin kills cancer cells and prevents them from growing. Be it bowel cancer, skin cancer, brain cancer or breast cancer, GoYNG’s Cure Q Mine supplement flushes out toxins from the body and leaves healthy cells unaffected.

Anti-ageing benefits

With increased bioavailability of curcumin, GoYNG’s Cure Q Mine drops have strong antioxidant properties that prevent damage caused to skin by free radicals and hence, slow down the ageing process. Regular consumption of curcumin supplement fights premature ageing, clears out skin blemishes, prevents wrinkles and takes good care of skin

Heals Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is a joint disorder in which an individual faces a lot of pain due to inflammation in one or more joints in the body. Studies revealed the therapeutic potential of curcumin for the discomfort faced in arthritis. Because of the strong antioxidant properties, GoYNG’s Cure Q Mine drops are the best curcumin turmeric supplement to relieve chronic arthritis pain and results in healthy joints

Hero Ingredients

Why It's Important

Curcumin (Curcuma Longa)


Premium Curcumin extracts have a long remarkable history as a healer and supercharge your immune system

How to Use

Cure Q Mine has flexible dosages depending on your needs. Take 4 to 5 drops empty stomach in the morning or 2-3 drops with ginger water. You may repeat the same in the evening if needed. It is suitable for adults of all age groups but in case you have a severe medical history, it is advisable to have your doses checked by a healthcare professional beforehand.


Why is Curcumin excreted out of your body?

Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric possessing amazing health benefits. However, bioavailability or absorption of curcumin by the body has always been a major challenge. According to Ayurveda, your body can not absorb curcumin unless it is consumed with other special ingredients. GoYNG introduces Cure Q Mine drops that make it easy for your body to absorb high-quality curcumin.

Which is the best curcumin supplement available to boost immunity in India?

GoYNG’s Cure-Q-Mine drops offer the most convenient way to add curcumin for a healthy life. It is an all-natural, ayurvedic formulation that comes home in an easy-to-carry pack that can be easily placed on your work desk or travel bag. These healthy immunity-boosting drops increase the absorption of curcumin within your body and you stay active all day.

Which turmeric brand has the highest absorption rate?

Most curcumin supplements have low absorption rates that end up expelling major curcumin content in your urine. GoYNG’s Cure Q Mine drops is one of the best curcumin supplements with the highest curcumin absorption rate.

Who should use Cure Q Mine drops?

Cure Q Mine drops are for busy professionals and students who tend to pay less attention to their metabolism due to hectic schedules. Regular use for 3 months provides visible effects.

How is GoYNG’s healthy immunity booster drops formulated?

GoYNG Cure Q Mine drops are formulated with premium curcumin extracts constituents key nutrients and minerals. These drops are manufactured in state-of-the-art units certified with HACCP and ISO. It helps you regularise your immunity system and ultimately brings the goodness of curcumin concentrate home.

What is the recommended dosage and how should I take it?

The high-quality curcumin extracts are blended to form GoYNG Cure Q Mine drops. Either take it in the morning, 4 to 5 drops empty stomach or 2-3 drops with ginger water. It is suitable for adults of all age groups but in case you have a severe medical history, it is advisable to have your doses checked by a healthcare professional beforehand.

Can I take GoYNG Cure Q Mine drops with other medications?

Yes, you can. GoYNG Cure Q Mine drops are loaded with optimum health benefits because of all-natural curcumin extracts. It is absolutely safe to take GoYNG curcumin extract supplements with other medications.

Can I use GoYNG’s Cure Q Mine drops to treat inflammation?

Yes! Curcumin is a natural anti-inflammatory compound. GoYNG brings the best out of it which helps your body fight invaders such as viruses and bacteria. It also has a role to play in repairing the damage. Otherwise, pathogens like bacteria could easily take over your body and harm your organs.

Does Curcumin slow cancer growth?

Yes! Curcumin has long been used in Asian medicine to treat a variety of cancers. Laboratory and animal research suggests that curcumin may not only prevent cancer but also slows down the spread of cancer and protects healthy cells from damage by radiation therapy.

Is Cure Q Mine safe for consumption of all ages?

Since Cure Q Mine drops or any other GoYNG supplement for that matter is sugar-free and has passed through stringent quality parameters, it can be used by anyone above 13 years to regularise your immunity defenses and to promote a healthy immune system. It also works for joint pain relief and improved energy. In fact, our supplements are entirely safe to consume in recommended and controlled doses.

Can I take Cure Q Mine without consulting a doctor?

When used in suggested doses, Cure Q Mine drops are safe for consumption by adults of all age groups. There is no record of any side effects. Consult your doctor in case you are critically ill or have serious health concern

Who should not take GoYNG Cure Q Mine Curcumin drops?

GoYNG Cure Q Mine supplement is a healthy formula consisting of natural and high-quality curcumin supplements. This product is safe for all as it is sugar-free and no chemicals are added. However, please take your doctor's advice if you are pregnant or have iron deficiencies.

Are Cure Q Mine drops safe for diabetic people?

GoYNG Cure Q Mine is safe for diabetic people or people having other complications. It is sugar-free and does not contain any harmful ingredients. Curcumin has prebiotic-like properties which enable it to make changes to the gut microbiota and support the gut-immune connection. Infact, researches prove that curcumin is capable of lowering your cholesterol levels.

How long does it take GoYNG’s Cure Q Mine Drops to show visible results?

It varies from individual to individual as various factors like medical history, stage and severity of diseases, age, diet and lifestyle are involved. Natural products slowly strengthen your immune system and thus, we recommend GoYNG’s natural Cure Q Mine for at least 5 to 6 months for long-lasting impact. As per body type, visible results may vary from 1st week to 4th week.

How long can Cure Q Mine drops be used?

GoYNG’s Cure Q Mine is an amazing natural formula that improves your immune system. This is not medicine. It is a supplement offering multiple benefits. You can use it from a minimum of 3 packs to lifelong for consistent results. For any special medical complications, you must consult your doctor beforehand.

Are there any side effects of curcumin ?

Absolutely not. There are no side effects. This is a natural supplement with certified ingredients in the right portion and has passed stringent quality parameters. Our only suggestion will be to not take Cure Q Mine drops during summer.


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