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Do you know that 70% of your immune cells are located in your guts?You might know that what you eat affects your weight and energy level the entire day.

But you might not realise to what extent the food you eat can affect your immune system. 

The microorganisms in your gut provide essential health benefits to your body and regulate a balance among all the body systems, which is essential for your body to survive and function properly. In fact, the brain and gut are so interconnected that scientists call the gut the “second brain” of the body. Precisely, this is why your gut health is extremely important. 

The food you eat has a huge impact on your gut health. The food that makes you acidic, promotes the growth of undesirable bacteria in your gut. So, ensuring that you eat food that generates good gut bacteria is important. 

Unfortunately, above 80% of the urban population doesn’t consume enough green vegetables & fruits.

And even if you have enough veggies and fruits, most of them are loaded with chemicals & pesticide residues. Besides, the high price of fruits and veggies may discourage many from including these beneficial foods in their diet.

Greens like alfalfa, moringa, wheatgrass, spinach, mint, and brahmi, fruits like pomegranate, pineapple, banana, mango guava, herbs like yashtimadhu, guduchi, brahmi, manjistha, shankpushpi and energisers like blueberry, flaxseed , green tea, and rose petal are excellent gut health booster. Chlorella and Spirulina have amazing nutritional profile.  

Chlorella helps reduce cramps, bloating, gas and diarrhea. Chlorella power has beta-carotene, chlorophyll, and vitamin D that reduce inflammation and saves you from many digestive problems.

Spirulina is a boon to your gut health, as it promotes good gut bacteria and contains vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that support your body’s natural immune response.

If you think the amount of fruits and vegetables you are consuming is not enough, to put a grinding halt to your gut woes, add a superfood supplement to your diet and get all the benefits of fruits and veggies. 

To ensure that your gut stays strong, GoYNG has created Superfood 50+ Greens and Fruits Supplement. What’s more, you are getting the benefits of 50+ vegetables and fruits in a single scoop that will cost you only Rs.30. Practically, it costs lesser than a fruit bowl but is more concentrated in nutrients. This research-based formula - GoYNG Superfood is the best gift you can give to your family today.

GoYNG Superfood is made of 100% natural green vegetables, fruits and herbs. It is packed with all the nutrients without any harmful chemicals or pesticide residue. It has no preservative, no artificial colour, or flavour. It has zero sugar and no artificial sweetener. 

The end product is a best-in-class superfood supplement that brings all the goodness of spirulina, chlorella, fruits, and veggies you miss every day. Its deliciously sweet, tangy, and fruity taste makes staying healthy mouth-wateringly delightful. 

So, if you are scrawling online for the best natural superfood greens powder supplement in India, your search ends here. Order GoYNG Superfood Supplement online today and empower your body with super-strong gut health

Key Features


100% Natural

No chemicals are used during the extraction process to lock potency


100% vegetarian, high quality clean & pure powder


No added sugar so you can feel good about what is going into your body

Rigorously Tested

FDA level quality control to ensure the purest supplements

No Artificial Fillers

Unlike other supplement manufacturers, we NEVER use artificial colours, sugar or fillers

No foul smell/ taste

So that you enjoy taking your supplements every day.

Made in India

Made for the world

Other Benefits


Alkalizes your body

Packed with amazing alkalizers like Chlorella, Wheat grass, Alfalfa, Spirulina, Moringa etc, GoYNG Superfood helps in correcting ‘the acid state that the modern diet creates’. It can neutralize acid in your bloodstream. It helps alkalize your body and improve your health.

Boosts memory & alertness

GoYNG Superfood has special herbs like Brahmi, Vacha, Sankhpushpi, Rose petals, blueberry etc that helps to calm down the brain and relieve stress & anxiety. It improves memory performance and cognitive function. Greens also help in improving memory & focus.

Increases Energy & Vitality

Powerful ingredients like Ashwagandha, Blueberry, Flaxseed, Green tea, Rose petal etc helps in regulating hormones and increasing energy level. Ashwagandha boosts male hormone – testosterone and reduces the stress hormone cortisol, a testosterone ‘stealer’.

Boosts heart health

GoYNG Superfood is packed with pure extracts of Arjuna, Guggul, Pomegranate, Amala, Curcumin etc that boost heart health. Arjuna acts as a cardiotonic that strengthens heart muscles & blood vessels against damage caused by free radicals. Guggul is great for hyperlipidaemia.

Hero Ingredients

Why It's Important



Alkalizer Greens : Chlorella, Wheat grass, Alfalfa, Spirulina, Moringa




Fruits : Pomegranate, Pineapple, Banana, Mango, Guava




Herbs : Yashtimadhu, Guduchi, Brahmi, Manjistha, Shankpushpi




Energizer : Blueberry, Flaxseed, Green tea, Rose petal, Ashwagandha


Immunity Booster


Immunity Booster : Curcumin, Ginger, Amla, Lemon, Tulsi

How to Use

Add 2 scoops (20g) GoYNG Superfood Powder in 200 ml water any time convenient to you. Stir well, tastes good. May add to other healthy food or beverages


Who can take GoYNG SX SUPERFOOD 50+ GREENS & FRUITS Supplement?

From a kid to the eldest member of your family can take GoYNG SX SUPERFOOD 50+ GREENS & FRUITS Supplement.

What does superfood mean?

Superfoods are nutrient-rich foods that are good for your health and overall well-being. The high volume of nutrients in a superfood keeps diseases at bay and helps you stay healthy.

What are greens supplements?

Greens supplement is a dietary supplement that helps people reach their daily recommended dose of vitamins and minerals. It supports your immune system and energy level.

Can chlorella and spirulina cause constipation?

People with a previous history of constipation may complain of worsening symptoms after consuming chlorella. If taken in the proper dosage, spirulina doesn’t have side effects. But some people still may have constipation after consuming spirulina.

Is it safe to use spirulina as a daily vitamin?

Up to 8 grams of spirulina is safe for daily consumption.

Does it contain maltodextrin and class 2 preservatives?

No, it does not contain maltodextrin. In fact, no preservative has been used in this superfood powder.

Can a pregnant woman take GoYNG SUPERFOOD GREENS & FRUITS Supplement?

GoYNG Superfood supplement is suitable for pregnant women.

When should I take GoYNG SUPERFOOD GREENS & FRUITS? Supplement, morning or night?

You can take this superfood before food, or after food. You can take it in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

Is this supplement drink safe for diabetic people?

Yes, it is safe for diabetics. It is all natural and has a low glycemic index. There is no added sugar or artificial sweetener in it.

Already taking vitamins, why do I need to switch to superfood?

Superfood is rich in minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients apart from vitamins.

Does GoYNG Superfood help with weight loss?

Yes, GoYNG superfood helps with weight loss. But its main purpose is to increase your immunity, improve heart health, boost digestion, increase memory and alertness, and enhance energy levels.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ganesh Chouhan
Beneficial product & Works great

just loved this supplement!! It fulfills all the nutrient requirement of the body daily. It's a good energy booster and helped me a lot. Overall I am very much satisfied with the results and everyone should give it a try!!

Kriya Patel
Super product & natural supplement

My morning starts with GoYNG Superfood supplement. It provides a healthy start to my day. It is very natural in taste and helps in detoxification of my body. I will advise everyone to buy this product.

No gimmick but stunning and delicious

This is not just multi leaf powder , It is tasty and easy to gulp. Great for kids ... my frequent falling sick is reduced. Digestion also is working - without antacids. Nice product


GoYNG Sx Superfood 50+ Greens & Fruits (With Chlorella Spirulina)

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