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Fire up your metabolism with these 10 Indian foods


But, eating the right foods can.

No, for that you don’t need to stock up your kitchen with exotic and expensive fancy foods. Our desi Indian foods can jump-start your metabolism. 

How and what are those foods? 

Let’s check them.

Before that, it is important to completely understand what is metabolism and how it works.


Indian foods that increase metabolism


What is metabolism?

Simply put, metabolism is the process by which your body turns food into energy. 

How does it happen?

Well, calories in food and drinks mix with oxygen and create energy. In other words, that’ how you burn the calories you consume.

Your body needs energy 24/7 for all functions to run smoothly. Even at rest, it needs energy for functions like breathing, sending blood throug“You can dramatically affect the expression of your metabolism and your biochemistry by the way you eat and the way you live.”

Jillian Michaels


Keep this quote in mind while getting inspired by that influencer’s post about the metabolism-Kickstarter smoothie. 

Before consuming that smoothie daily and waiting for miracles to happen, hear us out.

Believe us, skipping meals, following fad diets, or any other Quick fixes cannot boost your metabolism.

h the body, growing and repairing the cells, and balancing the hormone levels.

Go YNG understands how metabolism can affect not only your weight but your overall health and keeping that in mind has crafted a supplement Garcinia which has Garcinia Cambogia, the peel contains hydroxycitric acid or HCA. GoYNG Garcinia is an amazing metabolism booster.


What is metabolic rate?


The number of calories your body uses to perform these functions is known as metabolic rate or basal metabolic rate.


Your body’s metabolic rate depends on different factors, including

  • Your muscle mass or the amount of muscle in your body includes your skeletal muscle, smooth muscle, and cardiac muscle. 
  • Your body size and composition. People with larger bodies or more muscles burn more calories even while resting.
  • Your gender. Typically, Men have more muscle and less body fat than women of the same weight and age. 
  • Your age. With age, you tend to lose muscle and gain more fat.


You can enhance your metabolic rate by eating the right food, exercising regularly, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 


Let’s now focus on food, especially Indian and locally available ones that can boost your metabolism.

Indian foods that increase your metabolism

To boost your metabolism you don’t need to stock up your kitchen with foreign and exotic food. These locally available Indian foods can do wonders for your metabolism. Check them out:


  • Lentils

  • Yes, this Indian kitchen staple is great for boosting your metabolism. We know rice with lentils is a comfort food that is an absolute favourite of most Indians.

     But lentils are more than a delicious dish. Eating them may reduce the effects of metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome  Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions that happens together and increases your risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and stroke.

     A 2016 review of studies has concluded that lentils and other legumes like peas and beans play a vital role in treating metabolic syndrome.

     If you are aiming to increase your metabolism and lose weight, then lentil is your ideal food partner. Since they are rich in protein, they can also increase your metabolism. 

     Protein is the best nutrient to increase metabolic rate as your body needs more energy to digest it than it does to digest fats and carbohydrates, 

     They also help flourish good bacteria in your gut as they are loaded with fibre.


    1.  Eggs

    Once an egg lover, always an egg lover. Indians, especially non-vegitarians and eggitarians, never miss a chance to gobble eggs in any form. 

     Be it an omelet o boiled eggs for breakfast, egg curry for lunch, anda bhurji for an evening snack, and egg salad for dinner, you never get tired of eggs.

     The good news is your favourite egg, too, can increase your metabolism. So no looking back while gorging on that lip-smacking egg dish next time. 

     Why they are so great for metabolism?

     Well, eggs are rich in protein and a large hard-boiled egg contains 6.29 g of protein. This makes them an ideal food choice for people who want to speed up their metabolism.

    Protein is essential for increasing metabolism


    Indian foods for metabolism




  • Chili and pepper

  • We cannot even think about an Indian kitchen that doesn’t have chili and pepper. In fact, Indian dishes are incomplete without these gems.

    They boost your metabolism and make you feel full. Chili and pepper have capsaicin that increases metabolism, according to a study. The same research also suggested that it also helps you manage your weight by burning your body fat faster and reducing your appetite. 

    Another research suggested that capsaicin helps burn 50% of extra body calories daily. 

  • Cinnamon

  • The aroma of cinnamon uplifts every dish it is into another level. But other than its aroma, cinnamon is also a metabolism booster.

    To process this amazing spice, your body needs more energy than it does for other foods. Cinnamon may also have an insulin-like effect on your body. 

    Additionally, it can improve body metabolism, focusing on your belly fat. So it won’t be wrong to say a cinnamon stick in a day keeps belly fat away. 

  • Fenugreek 

  • Fenugreek seeds are one of the key ingredients of panch foran, a mix of 5 spices that is used in dals and curries as tempering in many parts of India. 

    Generally, most Indian household uses it as a spice or green leafy vegetable. But the easiest way to use it is as a cooking spice.

    In Ayurveda, it is used mostly as herb-infused water. 

    A study showed fenugreek extracts decreased calorie intake by 12%. The same study showed that fenugreek fibre made people full. 

    Another study confirmed that fenugreek fibre makes people feel full and as a result, they binge eat less. 

    As these seeds are considered hot in nature, we suggest that 2-3 grams of it daily is enough for you.

  • Bananas

  • In India, our day starts with a  banana and sometimes ends with it. It is not only a breakfast staple but banana chips, pithas, appam, gulgulas, halwas, fruit chats, and whatnot.

    Additionally, bananas are filling and nutritious and can have it with different other snacks. A medium banana offers around 105 calories, 3 grams of fibre, and natural sugar. 

    It is not a source of protein and fat. But it has carbohydrates. And it is packed with resistant starch, a healthy carb that boosts your metabolism.

    The fibre in it makes you feel full for a long time, and hence you don’t eat those extra snacks. 

  • Ginger

  • Ginger increases body temperature and speeds up metabolic rate. It also helps you control your appetite.

    A 2018 study found ginger may help increase metabolic rate and reduce body weight. It also reduces your body's glucose level and increases good cholesterol levels. 

  • Green and leafy vegetables

  • Never think twice before gorging on homemade Sarson ka saag, palak paneer, drumstick vegetable curry, Thoran, or any sabzi made of dark and leafy vegetables. 

    From east to west and from north to south, dark and leafy vegetables are inseparable parts of an Indian kitchen.

    The best part is that eating them will boost your metabolism and help you manage your weight. Thanks to their iron content, they are boons for your metabolism since iron is an essential mineral for metabolism, development, and growth. 

    Try to pair them with vitamin C-rich foods like tomatoes and lemon to help your body absorb the iron properly.

    These vegetables also contain a great amount of magnesium, another essential mineral for metabolism. 

  • Coffee

  • Do you know that your favourite cup of coffee can boost your metabolism?

    Yes, you have read that right.

    A study suggests that caffeine consumption can stimulate your body’s energy expenditure, leading to increased metabolism. 

    But mindful consumption is the best policy in this regard as taking too much caffeine can negatively affect your body as it has very high levels of stimulants. 

    As per the US government dietary guideline, an adult can have up to 400 mg of caffeine equivalent to 5 8-ounce cups of coffee. 

    Understanding the effects of caffeine in boosting metabolism GoYNG GoSlim has used green coffee extracts as one of its key ingredients. Additionally, it has garcinia Cambogia, piperine, green tea, and guggul that curb your hunger and helps you control your cravings, the best way to get rid of stubborn body fats. 

  • Yogurt

  • Yogurt is another Indian household staple without which a meal cannot be completed. It has digestive properties. 

    It also has good bacteria that support gut health and strengthens your metabolism. 

    Research conducted on 8516 adults found that those who had more than 7 servings of yogurt per week could manage their weight efficiently. They are less likely to have weight issues or obesity. 


    Indian food increase metabolism



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