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Did you know that our gut is the second brain of the body?

Good gut health flourishes the bacterias which release neurochemicals that enhance memory and mood.

In the current lifestyle, quick and unhealthy eating has become habits and gut issues like gas, acidity, and bloating have become frequent dilemmas.

The fact that most people are unaware of is that low and high acidity conditions show similar symptoms. 

They carelessly consume antacids that are supposed to be consumed only under high acidity levels since they lower acidity. This reduces the acid level further and half-digested food enters the intestine where it is recognized as a foreign element leading to serious autoimmune disorders.

To save you from this misery, the generous mother nature has always had the solution for a healthy gut in her basket.

Ajwain is one of the oldest cures for digestive issues as it is packed with active enzymes which improve the flow of the stomach and contribute to relieving indigestion, bloating, and gas. The use of ajwain for digestion can be majorly contributed to an essential oil called thymol which has been proven to give instant relief from indigestion and acidity.

Saunf is the dried seeds of the aromatic fennel plant. 

The use of saunf for digestion is majorly attributed to the rich nutrient composition and essential oils that improve digestion by stimulating the secretion of digestive juices.

Saunf is one of the best natural antacids, due to its basic nature, which helps in neutralizing the acidity of the stomach.

Dhania seeds or coriander are a wonderful source of dietary fiber, nutrients, and minerals that stimulates the gut and are responsible for increasing the production of stomach acid which improves the efficiency of digestion.

Essential oils like Cineole and linoleic acid present in dhania seeds have shown potential in treating colon inflammation. Components like Limonene, Alpha-pinene, and beta-phellandrene give it good antibacterial properties.

To ensure you get all the benefits of the age-old ingredients known for curing digestive issues, GoYNG brings digestive drops super packed with quality extracts of ajwain, saunf, and dhania seeds, all compressed in a 30 ml digestion drops bottle in the form of GoYNG Dizest . 

Each drop contains 10x more efficiency to make sure you are served with the excellent benefits of the premium ingredients.

GoYNG takes pride in manufacturing it in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified facility to adhere to the high standards of the FDA ( Food and Drug Administration) right here in India with strict quality control.

The result is the best ayurvedic medicine for digestion that conveys all the benefits in an easy-to-consume digestion drop form with no foul taste.

Order your supply of the high-quality digestion drops of GoYNG DiZest, which serves the alpha combination so that you never feel uneasy with another digestive problem ever again.

Key Features


100% Natural

No chemicals are used during the extraction process to lock potency.


High quality premium grade all natural Clear Drop


No added sugar so you can feel good about what is going into your body.

Rigorously Tested

FDA level quality control to ensure the purest supplements

No Artificial Fillers

Unlike other supplement manufacturers, we NEVER use artificial fillers

No foul smell or taste

So that you enjoy taking your supplements every day.

Made in India

Made for the world

Other Benefits of DiZest


Benefits of antioxidants

According to studies, dhania seeds are a rich source of polyphenols and phytochemicals because of their high antioxidant activity. Antioxidants react with these reactive species and prevent the damage induced due to oxidative stress, caused by reactive species of oxygen, which might damage biomolecules and tissues.

Better Cardiovascular Activity

Research has proved that extract of Saunf leaves resulted in a reduction of arterial blood pressure without affecting heart rate and respiratory rate.

Acts as Antibacterial & Antifungal

Several studies have proved that dhania seeds contain a rich amount of essential oils which have effective antimycobacterial, viral, fungal, and bacterial properties.

Facilitates absorption of food

Ajwain has been proven to help in facilitating maximum absorption of nutrients from the digestion of food and reduce inflammation of the gut.

Lowers cholesterol level

Dhania seeds have various beneficial ingredients such as linoleic acid, oleic acid, and ascorbic acid that have been proved to reduce the LDL (bad) cholesterol level and elevate HDL (good) cholesterol levels in the blood.

Controls Appetite

Research shows that Saunf contains trans-anethole which acts on amphetamine to help in controlling appetite and helps in relieving hunger pangs.

Hero Ingredients

Why It's Important



Ajwain has been proven to enhance stomach acid flow and relieves gas, bloating, and indigestion.




Saunf has a highly nutritious content that proves to be a great stimulant for the secretion of digestive juices and enzymes that enhances the digestion process.




Dhania seeds stimulate the gut and increase the production of stomach acids which enhances the digestion process.

How To Use

GoYNG Dizest Digestion drops must be taken twice daily. Just add 10 drops of the digestive drop in water and consume it 30 minutes before the meal.


How can I improve digestion?

GoYNG presents the best digestion drops with the goodness of ajwain, saunf, and dhania seeds which will increase the efficiency of your digestion and improve your gut health.

What is a digestive drop?

GoYNG Dizest are drops for digestion with a concentration of 3 components namely ajwain, saunf, and dhania seeds, which are largely known for their instant cure for digestion problems. This digestive drop increases your gut health and gives relief from gut-related issues.

How to have better digestion?

To Have a better digestion one must be mindful of the food they consume and exercise daily. GoYNG DiZest is the best digestion drop in India which will act as a supplement to make your gut health even better through an absolutely natural formulation.

What to drink for better digestion?

If you want better digestion for your body GoYNG DiZest is the best solution for your problem. These digestive drops contain the goodness of ajwain, saunf, and dhania seeds in an easy-to-consume drop form.

What helps to speed up digestive reactions?

To speed up digestive reactions in the body, digestive juices and enzymes play a major role. GoYNG DiZest is a digestive drop containing ajwain, saunf, and dhania seeds known to have a stimulatory effect that increases the production of digestive juices, thereby speeding up the digestive reactions.

What are the symptoms of poor digestion?

One of the very few symptoms of poor digestion is heartburn, acidity, bloating, nausea and vomiting. One must consult a physician before taking any medication to decrease the symptoms. GoYNG DiZest is the best ayurvedic medicine for digestion with the goodness of ajwain, saunf, and dhania seeds in an easy-to-consume drop format.

What causes poor digestion?

Poor digestion can be caused by the current fast-paced lifestyle where food consumption is careless, lack of balanced diet, food sensitivity, or infection. GoYNG DiZest might be your solution to increase your gut health and make your digestion better than before.

What is the recommended dosage and how should I take it?

One should take 10 drops of GoYNG DiZest digestion drops in water 30 minutes before consumption of the meal.

Can I take GoYNG Dizest with other medication?

Yes, absolutely. GoYNG DiZest is a 100% herbal formulation that does not have any side effects or reactions with any other medications.

When should I take GoYNG DiZest morning or night?

It is suggested that you take GoYNG Dizest 2 times a day after each meal.


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