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Are you tired of burning and nagging pain caused by Piles?

These lumps like structures can turn your visit to the toilet into a living nightmare. Since most people hesitate to talk about it or avoid visiting a doctor, the collection of these swollen tissues and itching veins in your lower anus and rectum can make your simple daily activities difficult. In the process, complications keep increasing and pain can get so severe that blood ends up flowing out.  

As the name suggests, internal piles are the piles that occur within the rectum which makes it hard to detect during an external examination. While external piles are the piles that occur when small lumps or tissues are formed on the outside edge of the anal canal. This results in itchiness because of blockage in the blood flow.  

Chronic constipation, straining during bowel movements and heavy weight lifting are the well defined causes of piles. The resulting nagging pain from piles and piles related symptoms can disrupt your way of life.

For a matter of fact, half of the women population is found infected with piles and experience haemorrhoids during pregnancy.  

To fight back itching and burning sensations and lead a pain-free life, you need to find and resolve the root cause of this problem. 

To treat piles without undergoing surgery, GoYNG brings you Piles Care powder at therapeutic doses. It is India’s first-ever all-natural piles supplement for revolutionary relief from mild discomfort to outright pain caused by piles.

We source natural and authentic herbs such as Witch Hazel, Jimikhand and Nagkesar among many others, known for years for their anti-inflammatory properties and astringent actions. Together, these are extremely effective in easing discomfort caused by piles and related symptoms and help you avoid drastic measures such as surgeries in the long run.  

Premium GoYNG Piles Care powder is made with 50 plus handpicked natural herbs, 18 astringents, 21 constipation fighters, 30 anti-inflammatory ingredients and 15 pain relief natural ingredients to relieve you from nagging pain. Every ingredient mentioned above is blended into a fine, gluten-free powder, manufactured right here in India for the very first time with strict quality control.

GoYNG takes pride in manufacturing it in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified facility to adhere to the high standards of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

The result is a superior-quality, advanced relief Piles Care powder supplement that works best for both men and women and passes all the requisite herbs, astringents and constipation fighters inside your body that you otherwise miss out on due to a busy lifestyle.

Order your 20-days supply (400 g powder) of this high potency, advanced piles pain relief supplementation to get back control of your life, and bring yourself the myriad benefits of 50+ hand picked herbs and essential astringents and other natural ingredients that are taking the scientific world by storm!


    Key Features


    100% Natural

    No chemicals are used during the extraction process to lock potency


    100% vegetarian, high quality clean & pure powder


    No added sugar so you can feel good about what is going into your body.

    Rigorously Tested

    FDA level quality control to ensure the purest supplements

    No Artificial Fillers

    Unlike other supplement manufacturers, we NEVER use artificial colours, sugar or fillers

    No foul smell or taste

    So that you enjoy taking your supplements every day.

    Made in India

    Made for the world

    Other Benefits of PilesCare


    Relief from bleeding

    Natural ingredients like Nagkesar, Jimikand, Witch hazel and Talisapatra and other traditional ayurvedic ingredients soften the bulk caused by heavy bleeding and soothe mucus membrane that covers the surface of internal organs. GoYNG’s Piles Care powder is effective in reducing harsh friction and gives relief from bleeding.

    Relief from constipation

    Piles are often caused by repeated straining caused by constipation or loose bowel movements. GoYNG’s Piles Care powder contains 21 constipation fighters that work together in correcting gastrointestinal disturbances and help you regulate your bowel movements.

    Better digestion

    Natural ingredients captured in GoYNG’s Piles Care powder provide strength to your intestine and improve natural movements that support normal stool formation. Our proprietary formula, therefore, supports the flow of stomach acid that helps relieve all digestion-related disorders and normalises digestion.

    Reduces swelling and itching

    GoYNG’s piles care powder contains natural anti-inflammatory properties of Witch hazel, Nagkesar and Talissapatra that soothe your mucus membrane and carefully reduces swollen veins. Hence without relying on synthetic, short-term quick fixes, you safeguard yourself from uncontrollable itching and achieve relief from pain caused by piles for your daily life with GoYNG’s Piles Care powder.

    Wound healing and shrinking of piles mass

    Natural ingredients like Talisapatra and Terminalia Chebula present in Piles Care formula start healing the wounds within hours and provide continuing relief with no harmful or artificial ingredients or fillers.Further, anti-inflammatory properties and astringents of multiple organic herbs and ingredients help to shrink piles mass naturally and are authentic in preventing it from occurring again.

    Colon Cleansing

    Colon therapy refers to the process of removal of toxins, generally unspecified ones, from the colon and intestinal tract. GoYNG’s Piles Care powder contains 18 astringents with which you can optimise colon health by adding bulk with fibre content and balancing stomach acid.

    Hero Ingredients

    Why It's Important

    Witch Hazel


    A plant native to North America, Witch Hazel is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine for its anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing pain and swelling.




    Due to its thermal effect, Jimikand aids in digestion and correction of gastrointestinal disturbances.




    Talisapatra, an ayurvedic herb, effectively manages wounds, constipation, pricking, itching sensation and bleeding piles.




    Rich in astringent properties, its job is to soothe and relieve pain.




    The fast-growing, multipurpose Neem not only eases inflammation but also helps the body avoid constipation and prevent piles.


    White Radish


    The humble ‘Mooli’ is a natural remedy, effectively reducing swollen haemorrhoids and pain.

    How to Use Piles Care

    In the morning, take one spoon (20 g) of Piles Care powder empty stomach. Pour 100 ml of water and stir powder well. Add more water if needed. You may repeat the same in the evening if needed. In that case, avoid taking food 30 minutes before or after consumption of Piles Care powder.


    How can we cure piles?

    Piles or haemorrhoids are a common condition among adults, involving a great deal of discomfort. Eating high-fibre diets constituting fruits and whole grains, warm water baths and topical treatments work best in relieving the mild pain, swelling and inflammation caused by piles. In fact, to cure piles inside out, GoYNG has formulated Piles Care with 50+ natural herbs and18 astringents for pain relief and soothing piles.

    What food causes piles?

    Inflamed and swollen tissues are painful! Since piles are triggered by constipation, it is suggested to avoid foods that are low in fibre namely dairy products (cheese and milk), white flour, red and processed meat, fried foods, frozen meals, spicy foods and caffeinated beverages.

    What are the symptoms of piles?

    Piles in males and females have similar symptoms such as swelling around the anus, pain during bowel movements, anal itching, slimy mucus discharge and bleeding from the anus. These conditions often give away an idea of the piles’ condition.

    Which is the best supplement available for painless piles treatment without surgery in India?

    GoYNG’s Piles Care powder is a 100% natural and vegan formulation consisting of 50+ herbs, 18 astringents, 21 constipation fighters, 30 anti-inflammatory ingredients and 15 pain relief ingredients to cure piles from inside out. It is helpful for people at various stages of piles. With the reduction in pain, it helps them get back control of their life.

    What happens if piles are not treated or are left untreated?

    Piles cause a great deal of irritation, pain and swelling if left untreated. Due to irregular blood supply to internal haemorrhoids, piles can also lead to anaemia. There are various home remedies such as high-fibre diets, warm water baths and topical treatments. Performing them alongside consumption of Piles Care powder proves effective in treating piles from roots and preventing them from occurring again.

    I have bleeding piles. Will Piles Care be helpful to me?

    Yes! GoYNG’s Piles Care powder is a revolutionary formula containing traditional ayurvedic ingredients like Nagkesar, Jimikand, Witch hazel and Talisapatra. These help in reducing hard friction, provide soothing effects to the mucus membrane and give relief from bleeding.

    How many servings does a bottle of GoYNG Piles Care powder provide?

    A bottle of GoYNG Piles Care powder consisting of 400 g, serves the need for relief from pain caused by piles for 20 days.

    What is the recommended dosage and how should I take it?

    The high quality, natural herbs and astringents are blended to form GoYNG organic Piles Care powder. Take one spoon (20 g) of Piles Care, pour 100ml of water and stir the mixture well. Add more water if needed and take it empty stomach in the morning. It is advisable to avoid taking food or any other medication 30 minutes before or after consumption of Piles Care powder. You may repeat the same in the evening if needed.

    How is GoYNG’s Piles care powder formulated?

    Made with natural herbs and astringents, GoYNG Piles Care powder is an all-natural revolutionary relief formula. It is manufactured in state-of-the-art units certified with FSSAI and ISO. It is helpful in relieving pain caused by piles and other piles related symptoms without surgery.

    Can I take GoYNG Piles Care powder with other medications?

    Yes, you can. GoYNG Piles Care powder is loaded with optimum health benefits because of all-natural herbal extracts. Therefore, it is safe to take GoYNG Piles Care powder with other medications. Just keep a gap of 30 minutes or so between medicines.

    Is Piles Care powder safe for consumption of all ages?

    GoYNG supplements can be used by anyone above 13 years to ease discomforts caused by piles. Our supplements are entirely safe to consume in recommended and controlled doses.

    Can I take Piles Care powder without consulting a doctor?

    When used in suggested doses, Piles Care powder is safe for consumption by adults of all age groups.There is no known side benefits

    Who should not take GoYNG’s Piles Care powder?

    GoYNG Piles Care powder is a healthy formula consisting of herbal extracts and astringents, hence it hardly results in side effects. However, anyone with a severe medical history of piles should get doses checked by their physician beforehand.

    How long does it take GoYNG’s Piles Care Powder to work for piles?

    It varies from individual to individual as various factors like stage and severity of disease, medical history, age, diet and lifestyle are involved. We recommend consuming GoYNG’s Piles Care supplement for at least 3 to 4 months for a long-lasting impact on piles and related symptoms. You will witness visible results and pain-free life within this stipulated time frame.


    Customer Reviews

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    Bratati Sen
    Good product, reduced restroom time

    lovely product. Though a little pricy but it is worth because it really works steadily now my severe pain is gone and actually rest room time is reduced , happy to avoid surgery atleast ..Thank you GoYNG Piles Care

    R Babu No.30, Gandhi Nagar Colony 1st Street, Anand Niwas Apartment, Flat No.A-2, 1st floor,

    i have not started please tell me the dosage

    Vaidyanathan G.
    Wonderful result

    Good stuff. Feels like complete relief from my years of sufferings. Finally got something that is working for me.

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