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side effects of diabetes medicine
The present era’s unhealthy daily choices are brewing the most vicious lifestyle diseases and diabetes is one of the worst of them.

According to research, diabetic patients are estimated to reach 134 million by 2045, of which around 57% of individuals remain undiagnosed and the majority lead to Type 2 diabetes which can develop multi-organ complications.

Both of these situations are not only a heavy load on patients’ physical health but also on the state of mind, family and finances.

Sadly some people do have to rely on medicine for survival others can change their lifestyle and free themselves from the trap of side effects of diabetes medications.

We have listed out the side effects of diabetes medicine for you so that you can motivate yourself to make healthier lifestyle choices and get freedom from diabetes forever.

Diabetes and dependence on the medicine

Be it any type of diabetes, diabetes patients are highly dependent on medicines or insulin to control their blood glucose levels. Taking medicines is the only way to prevent various medical problems such as damage to nerves, heart attacks, etc.

Medication is prescribed depending on the severity of diabetes, age, and other existing health problems. Although medication is a way to control high blood glucose levels, the dependency on it can be decreased by making lifestyle changes like changing diet, few natural ingredients or regular exercising.

You have heard of triphala, neem, karela, jamun and what not which really works but how to take that conveniently - is an issue. You can take ayurvedic herbs for diabetes, add supplements to your diet which can help you maintain your blood glucose level and reduce your dependency on medicines. To save you time and energy, GoYNG has formulated DiabaLife which contains 8 super ingredients scientifically proven to maintain the blood glucose level in an FDA-approved easy-to-consume syrup and tablet format.


side effects of diabetes medicine


There can be many long-term side effects of diabetes medication on the body, mind, and wallet, following are a few:

Side effects of diabetes medicine

1. Hypoglycemia
side effect of diabetes medication
Hypo means low and glycemia is the blood glucose. Hypoglycemia is a condition in which the blood glucose level is lower than the standard stage. It is the major side effect of diabetes medication. Low blood glucose level is a highly dangerous situation which if not tendered can lead to life-threatening situations like brain dead conditions.
2. Gastrointestinal upset

side effect of diabetes medication

Gastrointestinal upset is one of the most common side effects of diabetes. The most predominant amongst them is abnormally delayed gastric emptying or which has been very extensively studied. In this condition, the is affected which leads to slower bowel movements. This might lead to diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting along with other symptoms and also cause trouble in maintaining blood sugar.

3. Weight gain or loss

side effect of diabetes medication

Weight loss or weight gain due to diabetes medications have been highly observed and researched.

It is one of the major side effects of diabetes drugs. Diabetes medication-induced weight  fluctuation is frustrating both for patients and health care professionals.

The increased use of medications over the years might have increased the rate of obesity globally.

4. Lactic acidosis

side effect of diabetes medication

Lactic acidosis refers to the accumulation or build-up of lactic acid in the patient's bloodstream. 

It is one of the many side effects of medication for diabetes patients. Disruption of lactate production or clearance can result in sepsis, cirrhosis (scarring of the liver), or (reduced blood flow).

This has proven to be risky for patients already suffering from renal diseases.
5. Reduction in Intestinal Absorption
side effect of diabetes medication


Out of one of the many side effects of diabetes medicine, is the decrease in absorption of nutrients in the intestinal tract. 

Especially the reduction of a very important nutrient that is vitamin B12 can be observed.
How to reduce the long term effects of diabetes medication
Changing your lifestyle is the best way to control or reduce diabetes. 
For that, you can start exercising daily, have a healthy diet, and consume efficient supplements that can help you live a healthier life without diabetes weighing on your brain. 
There are many benefits of ayurvedic plants that have been scientifically proven to control diabetes. Few of them are neem, vijasar, methi, jamun, karela, etc.
The interesting fact here is that even if we consume the whole herb it is very unlikely that every nutrient that herb has to serve in adequate amounts to observe the positive effect. 
To make it easier for you GoYNG has an FDA-approved formulation called DiabaLife which has the quality extracts of all these herbs in an easy-to-consume syrup and tablet format, without any added sugar or foul smell.


side effects of diabetes medicine

So go ahead and get your dose of health now and control your diabetes as efficiently as possible.



side effect of diabetes medication


It is easier to fall into unhealthy bad habits than to continue a healthy lifestyle sustainably. Save yourself from not only the side effects of diabetes medicines but also other conditions. 
Your present and future lie in your hands and even if healthy choices made in the present may take time to show the result, it is worth the wait.
The best time to start taking care of your body is right now. So let us know in the comments one healthy habit you will inculcate in your busy schedule starting today!
Until then eat healthily and stay fit.



1. Can diabetes be controlled without medication?

It depends on your stage of diabetes, other conditions, and the recommendation of a healthcare professional it is possible to control diabetes without medication.

2. Do Type 2 diabetics always need medication?

Medication is prescribed only when no other route is available.

3. What happens if you stop taking diabetes medication?

It is not recommended to stop diabetes medication without the recommendation of a qualified healthcare professional to prevent life-threatening conditions.

4. Can walking cure diabetes?

According to research, walking can only reduce blood glucose which improves the control of diabetes.

5. What drink lowers blood sugar?

GoYNG DiabaLife helps to maintain blood sugar levels and control diabetes.

6. How can I lower my diabetes without medication?

You can make lifestyle changes like exercising, having a healthy diet, and consuming efficient supplements like GoYNG DiabaLife to control diabetes without medication.

7. Which is the best medicine for diabetes without side effects?

Most diabetic medications have side effects on patients. There are many plants like Karela, Neem, Jamun, etc., scientifically proven to control diabetes with less or no side effects, quality extracts of which have been formulated in an easy-to-consume GoYNG DiabaLife syrup and tablet form without any added sugar or foul smell.


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