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neem for diabetes

Don’t you have any other option but to consume chemically manufactured medicines for treating diabetes?

Although 84.0% of diabetes patients are prescribed allopathic medicines, they are only good at controlling diabetes but not necessarily treating them. 

Are you curious about a healthier and no side-effect solution to reduce your diabetic condition?

We have handpicked one of the top herbs directly from nature: The Divine tree - Neem, which has proven to be the most efficient and effective for treating diabetes.

So keep reading to know the best benefits of Neem for Diabetes.

What is Neem?


neem for diabetes


Nimba or Kadulimba over time has derived into the name Neem which is traditionally thought to bring good health to the consumer.

Neem (Azadirachta indica) originated from India and Myanmar and is honored as the “Divine Tree” or “The Village Pharmacy” because of its wide range of health benefits. 

Right from biofertilizers to supplements for controlling diabetes along with many other diseases and conditions, extracts derived from Neem are used widely for various purposes.   

More than 300 compounds can be procured from various parts of the Neem tree like the leaves, fruit, oil, flowers, bark, and gum. 

They have been used for the treatment of many medical conditions, such as diabetes which can be observed in the ancient medical folklore and even to the present day.

In fact, to mark the new harvest season and the Hindu New Year in India, the Marashtrian families celebrate Gudi Padwa. 

In this festival along with many fascinating traditions, Neem leaves are consumed with the belief of starting the New Year with a clean body and mind as Neem is known for its healing and cleansing properties. 

It is also hung on the doors in form of torans or strings because of its antibacterial properties.   

If you are searching for neem tablets for diabetes, GoYNG presents GoYNG DiabaLife which has an FDA-approved formulation of quality extracts of Neem and many other components which have been proven to control diabetes in an easy-to-consume syrup and tablet form, without any added sugar and foul smell.

Now let us see the constituents in Neem which help in controlling diabetes. 

How does Neem help in Diabetes?

Diabetes is very quickly becoming a major chronic degenerative disorder.

In the long run, the disease becomes a physical and economic burden on the patient, their family, and the country, which is why the use of herbal supplements like Neem, becomes a very feasible and healthy option.

There are many methods that have been developed to control diabetes. 

The most interesting plant for research is found to be Neem for Diabetes cure and is being included in many formulations to test the best combination useful to maintain blood sugar levels. 

Now to put a stop to your worry about can neem control diabetes, we have researched the following facts for you:

1. Reduction in blood glucose levels


neem for diabetes cure


If you have been wondering does neem reduce blood sugar, there is a compound called Epoxy-azadiradione extracted from the seed of Neem has been observed to be efficient in decreasing blood glucose levels in diabetic rat models by 37% in just a couple of matters.

One study observed that through the aqueous extracts of leaves of Neem a gradual but significant drop in blood glucose in diabetic rats was observed. 

Also, the same experiment showed improvement in body weight and reversed diabetic retinopathy (blindness due to diabetes).

2. Recovery in the antioxidant system


neem for diabetes cure



Balance and efficiency of the antioxidant system is very crucial for the proper functioning of cells and organs.

If antioxidant enzymes are overproduced or the antioxidant system doesn’t fight off the free oxygen radicals, it has been observed that this creates a high oxidative state, and can lead to diabetes.

According to a study, Neem improved the function of antioxidant markers and inhibited the damage caused by free oxygen radicals toward lipids and proteins, showing protective effects against hyperlipidemia. 

Hyperlipidemia is a condition in which there are high levels of lipids like cholesterol in the blood which can lead to blockage of arteries and eventually heart attack.

3. Decreasing damage to the liver and kidney


neem for diabetes cure


In a normal physiological state, there is a critical balance between the generation of free oxygen radicals and its antioxidant defense system which deactivates these free oxygen radicals to protect the healthy cells from free oxygen toxicity.

In a study, it was observed that in the liver and kidneys of diabetic rats, alteration in the levels of the antioxidant enzyme was observed which produced oxidative stress in these organs, which resulted in molecular and cellular level damage. 

The leaf and bark extracts of Neem along with insulin restored the normal antioxidant levels in the liver and kidney of the diabetic rats (The same was not observed in diabetic rats when they were treated only with insulin).

4. Restoration of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase



The antioxidant system is extremely important to control as well as reduce the symptoms of diabetes, as explained in the above points. 

The entire antioxidant system relied on one component which is called NADPH and glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6DP).

Any alteration in the amount of G6DP level will affect NADPH formation which will disturb the normal functioning of the antioxidant system and make the tissues vulnerable to tissue damage. 

An interesting fact here is that G6DP plays a major role in the pentose phosphate cycle which is responsible for maintaining normal blood glucose levels.

According to a study, when diabetic rats were given the treatment of extracts from neem leaf and bark, restoration of G6DP was observed in the kidney and liver.

5. Better Pancreatic health

Pancreatic beta cells are most susceptible to oxidative stress if compared to other cells in the body due to the presence of relatively low levels of antioxidants. 

This is the reason why antioxidants are induced to decrease the free oxygen species for the treatment of hyperglycemia (high glucose levels) and diabetes.

The traditionally used Alloxan (a toxic glucose compound) was injected to induce diabetes in rats in a study. Alloxan accumulates in pancreatic beta cells and inhibits their function. 

Consumption of Neem reduced the blood glucose levels in these diabetic rats.

The aqueous extracts of Neem leaf and bark have been proven effective in reducing oxidation stress in blood samples, liver and kidney tissues of diabetic rats.

6. Inhibition of enzymes

An enzyme called α-amylase which is present in the saliva and glucosidases which is released in the intestine plays an extremely essential role in the digestion of starch in order to produce glucose in the small intestine. 

Neem has been proven to inhibit these enzymes and provide control over diabetes.

Best supplement of Neem for Diabetes

In many Indian households people consume neem juice for diabetes treatment.

Are you curious to know how to make neem juice for diabetes cure?

It is common knowledge that you take the Neem leaves and boil them in water. 

What you might not know is that in this process Neem loses most of its components which are extremely beneficial for the health of the body. What remains, in the end, is very little of what Neem has to serve for the health of your body.

The one warning you will find in the research articles regarding the intake of neem is that if the environment to extract the parts of Neem is improper and the dosage of Neem is inadequate, its consumption can lead to serious health issues. 

If you are wondering where to buy a Neem supplement for diabetes in the proper dosage and best quality which includes all the benefits of Neem for diabetes, you can put your worries to rest as we have prepared the best solution for you.

GoYNG has formulated FDA-approved GoYNG DiabaLife which has quality extracts of Neem, Karela, and Jamun along with many other compounds which have been proven to control diabetes in an easy-to-consume tablet and syrup form. 


Neem For Diabetes


Guess what you get all of this without any added sugar or foul smell.

So go ahead and get your dosage of health right now!


The range and extremes of diseases will keep increasing as time passes. The only true treasure you will always have is a good healthy body which you must strive to protect with all your might.

One must compulsorily adopt a healthy lifestyle by including at least 5-minute exercise a day according to their health condition, consuming good food, better thoughts, and efficient supplements on daily basis to experience long-term health benefits.

Let us know in the comments how and why you have used Neem in your life and what health benefits you got from that.

Start working on your today to get a better tomorrow.


1. Can neem reverse diabetes or can neem reduce blood sugar?

Along with regular exercise, a balanced diet along with ayurvedic supplements that include Neem like DiabaLife can help you control diabetes in the long run.

2. Which juice reduces diabetes?

GoYNG Diabalife contains compounds that have been researched to decrease and control diabetes.

3. Which ayurvedic juice is good for diabetes?

GoYNG DiabaLife contains quality herb extracts in adequate dosage to serve you with the goodness of compounds proven to control diabetes.

4.How is neem used to treat diabetes?

The extremely quality compounds of Neem can be extracted and consumed in the form of supplements like syrup and tablets like GoYNG DiabaLife which has an FDA-approved formulation without any added sugar or foul smell. 

5. How much neem leaf should a diabetic take daily?

The quality of extraction and the amount of dosage is very important as improper environment or dosage can be life-threatening, which is why consuming supplements like GD is great as it has an FDA-approved formulation of the quality extracts of herbs and proper dodge in the form of easy to consume syrup and tablet format.

6. Which leaf is good for diabetes?

Neem leaves are extremely beneficial for controlling diabetes.

7. Does neem increase sugar level?

Absolutely not, in fact, Neem has been used for ages for its blood glucose level-decreasing ability.

8. Can neem damage kidneys?

Neem is a rich source of antioxidants that help in healing kidneys when taken in an adequate amount.

9. Which disease is cured by neem?

Neem is a divine tree that is known to cure many diseases and medical conditions, especially diabetes.

10. What drink lowers blood sugar?

GoYNG DiabaLife can help you control and maintain your diabetes in an easy-to-consume syrup and tablet form with quality extracts of herbs proven to control diabetes without any added sugars and foul smells.

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