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Top 10-minute Workouts For Super Busy People

We all know that working out is good for us, but honestly, sometimes our work-life becomes too busy and we can’t take out time for a 10-minute workout or don’t work out at all.

We need to work hard to be successful in life; however, it is also important to take care of your health to balance the pyramid of life. Therefore, every day 15-30 minutes of exercising are necessary for every individual who works at least 10-12 hours a day.

Bringing fitness into your regime will enhance one’s metabolism, which is much needed as busy/active people require extra calories and more food to meet their daily requirements compared to a sedentary person.

We took a survey and asked 50 people who work in a corporate company: Why is it so hard to stay in shape? Most of them agreed that they understood the importance of getting enough sleep, exercising more and eating less –but knowing and doing these are three different things.

When we asked them the reason behind it, these three things were the common culprits:

  1. They are either too busy in their 60-hour workweek job that it’s hard for them to follow a set regime OR they have an additional dependency of their children with the office after which they didn’t get enough time.
  2. They try to adapt to fitness and they make good choices, but it’s easy to get exhausted because it’s daunting when they can't cook, work out or avoid fast food temptation.
  3. Amid pressure and workload, they are hooked with bad habits which won’t allow them to exercise for the length of time they want.

We know busy professionals are running a million miles a minute, and it is well known that they can't waste a second. While we might think busyness is helping transform our lives, it is costing our health too, and during the process; we lose the connection with our well-being.

But the good news is it just takes a little know-how to be healthy. By concentrating on the main areas of diet, health, and fitness (while making a few basic tweaks), you can improve your fitness — no matter how stressful your life gets.

Too Busy All Day? Try a 10-Minute Workout. Perform High Impact Exercises Designed For Crazy Busy People

If you are someone who is always on-the-go and thinks giving 1-2 hours of time to exercising is not for them, then you need to look at some of the best 10-minute workouts for crazy busy people”.

This awesome 10-minute workout will make your body fat melt like ice-cream. You will sweat a lot and it will give you a great full-body burn and the best part is you need nothing, you don't need an appointment; you don't need any members and memberships, nothing except for yourself and a place where you can put a mat and perform.

NOTE: The 10-Minute Workout Plan is designed with best HIIT exercises for those who are very busy, stressed out and have no time to dedicate themselves to fitness. We intend the following program to:

  • Ensure that you consistently work out, burn maximum calories in a session, and get benefits of high impact workout.
  • Allow you to stay in good physical condition or even gradually get you into shape if you’re not there already.
  • Circumvent issues of willpower and social pressure by making decisions for times when your willpower is high.
  • Allow you to do everything in only 2–3 hours per week, by performing best hiit exercises.

But First Thing First: Is a 10-minute workout enough?

The first question is: from where does this 10-minute workout which includes a high impact exercise window come from?

The ACSM (The American College of Sports Medicine‎) advises every person to do 150 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio workout per week. That is divided into 5 days; (this) means 30 minutes of cardio workout.

Also, the ACSM recommends a high-intensity exercise of 20 to 60 minutes daily, for three days a week. So, you need not clock in more time doing a variety of high impact workouts to burn the same amount of calories. Devoting this much time to exercise is not only good but necessary to get meaningful health benefits.

But what about workouts that don’t include cardio?

The ACSM also advises two or three days of strength and resistance workouts to be included in your regime that concentrates on strengthening different muscle groups. So, it looks like the ‘ideal’ workout session will take 45-60 minutes with cardio and resistance based exercises according to ACSM,

"We like the idea of balanced health”. It is vital to include various cardiovascular and resistance exercises into your workouts, to give continuous stimulus to the muscles, so we continue growing. By implementing various styles of exercises, you can also avoid injuries.

But here we are discussing ways to do most in the least time. Strength training needs a gym and a lot of equipment and weights, but we suggest ways that need minimal to no equipment to be kept handy.

Wasting no time, let’s jump in and try the high impact exercises and burn off some calories.

Best HIIT Workout Comprises Circuit of High Impact Exercises.

Circuit training and HIIT (high-intensity interval training) will provide you an effective way to burn calories while spending minimal time. Circuit training takes the exercise routine for moderate and turns the volume up by reducing (or eliminating) rest times between sets.

After a few minutes, even lifting a 10-pound dumbbell will feel like 100 pounds to you, believe me.

Guidelines To Keep in Mind:

If you want to guarantee that your best HIIT workout doesn’t get cut short. You need to stay on top of your time. Use a stopwatch or timer (No texting/emailing in between, so it is better to use something other than your phone or to put your phone away for a time) and set it for a time of 5 minutes for a single circuit. 

We have designed 2 circuits in this program. These circuits will keep your heart rate up and test you to your limits. So, keep the drinking water near and proper ventilation should be kept if you are exercising inside the house.


This circuit workout comprises exercises that keep you going forward, backward, upward and downwards while concentrating all at once. Hence the phrase, "Abc HIIT." Complete this circuit 1 time in a 5-minute period.

How to do it: For 60 seconds straight, you will complete these 5 exercises listed below. During that time frame of 60-second, try to complete as many reps as you can. There is no rest to be taken in the middle of the circuit, as one circuit gets completed, take a 30-second break and get back. You will do aerobic (cardio) exercises every two minutes! So save some breath.

#1 Squats.

Stand as wide with your feet as your shoulders, and toes pointing forward and outwards, making a V-shape. Bend your knees to a squat that holds the weight of your heel. Get low enough, pushing your glutes back as if the chair is placed behind. During the exercise your weight should be transferred to the ground through your heels, once reaching to the bottom stand back up. Repeat this for 30+ repetitions. Time: 1 minute.


Beginner: For the beginner, half-squat is recommended. Stand in a squat position, but go halfway down only. Watch when your hamstring gets paralleled with the floor.

Advanced: Add a Jump squat. Instead of pushing back up at the end of every squat, add a jump. When you land, bend your knees gently and sit in the squat position.

#2 Push-ups

Place your hands on the floor and lie flat on your stomach, your body should be in a plank position. Keep your core tight and glutes tucked. Exhale as you push from your hands, making an A-sign when looked from above. Focus on bringing your elbows close to your torso, chest, as you push. While going down, inhale. During the whole exercise, keep the thighs in contact and straight, so your body makes a straight line. Repeat for as many reps. Time: 1 minute.


Beginner: Do the pushup on your knees. Make sure your knees are slightly behind your hips, so your body is straight from your head to your knees.

Advanced: Do a burpee. Push up and then jump by creating a force in between your hands. Stand and jump up into a high jump and then jump back into a plank position, continuing your push-up. That will be your 1rep. 

#3 Jumping High Knees.

Keep apart a shoulder-width apart distance with your feet. Raise your left leg knee up to the chest. Turn to raise your right leg knee. Continue by alternating legs and moving at a sprinting or running pace. This exercise will raise your heart beats like no other! Carry out this for 60 seconds (each leg should count 30 high knees jumps).


Beginner: March. Ever seen soldiers marching in a parade? March precisely on one leg; raise your knees up to your chest and arms up to the ceiling. It is easier than jumping high knees.

#4 Planks.

Place your hands underneath the shoulders (slightly wider than the width of your shoulder), like you are about to do a push-up. Floor toes and squeeze glutes to stabilize the body. The legs too will work–make sure that the knees are not twisted or hyper-extended. Neutralize your neck and backbone by staring at afoot. Hold the position. Don’t lose form or breath as your exercise becomes tougher. Time: 1 Minute.


Beginner: Plank on your knees. Turn your plank from looking at your knees to placing them on ground Hold for 20 sec.

Advanced: Do a burpee for increasing the level of difficulty.

#5 Seated bicycle crunches.

Sit on the floor. Lower your back and bend your knees, put your hands behind your ears. That's your starting point. Place your one elbow across the body coming back to the center and do the same on the opposite. Do it with alternate sides, do for 1 minute. (It is advisable to use the floor for this exercise, not exercise bench)


Beginner: Use bent knees. Just lie on your back, bend your knees so that your legs come in a tabletop position. Hold your knees bent, lower your legs to the bottom and carry them back to the top.

This high impact workout includes the best HIIT exercises that keep you running side by side and also concentrate on the left and right sides of your body. That’s why the name comes, "sideways HIIT." Complete it for 1 time in 5 minutes.

How to do it: This the second part of a circuit where the focus is on the obliques and sides. Now when you are completed with your circuit 1, you may be out of breath. Take out 30-1 minute to relax. This circuit 2 comprises 4 exercises and will last for 5 minutes to make a complete 10-minute workout and will challenge your mind and body. So tune to the music and put your maximum energy into it. Set your stopwatch.

#1 Side to side runs.

This is basic. Stand upright with hips and the shoulders to the front. Cross your back leg behind the lead leg, swinging your arms opposite to that leg, and then step to the side with the lead leg, again swinging your arms in the opposite direction. Alternate it with maximum speed and continue doing it for 70 seconds.


Beginner: Toe Tap. Tap on the right foot to the right and back to the center for a smaller impact, then tap the left foot to the left and again back to the center.

#2 Triceps Dips.

Stand in front of the bed/chair and put your palms over the chair with your fingertips facing forward. Hold your back flat and walk out your legs before your chest. Bend your arms and lower your ass directing to the ground such your ass hovering above the floor. While elbows are to be held behind the body. Go down till the shoulder doesn't impeach and come back up. Do this 20 times. Time: 70 Seconds.


Beginner:  Halfway dip. Only lower halfway down before coming back up to the original position. Do 10 reps.

Advanced: Straight legs. To make this difficult, straighten your legs during the exercise.

#3 Bicycle abs.

Lying on the floor, raise the knees to the top of the table position. Place your hands behind your head. Curl up to a 45-degree angle and hit the left Elbow on your right knee. Switch the side and touch your right elbow to the left knee as you extend the right. Repeat this 15-20 times.


Beginner: Head on the ground. Keep your head and neck relaxed when you do this workout.

Advanced: Keep Legs lower. To increase the difficulty, perform the bicycle abs with the extended leg reaching below 45 degrees (closer to the ground) to make it harder for the abs.

#4 Side Lunges.

Stand, step your right foot forward and sink back as if you are sitting on a chair with your right glute. Maintain the left leg straight. Use the right heel to push yourself back to the spot you are starting. Then alternate the legs after doing 10 reps on each leg.


Beginner: Half side lunge. Instead of heading down into the side lung, lower the glute halfway down and press back to the center.

Advanced: To step it up, side lung to the right side and return to the center, jump straight up towards the ceiling, landing in a squat. Side lunge to the left and then back down to the center, jump straight up.

Are You Sweating?

The goal here is to keep the heart rate up for the entire timeframe so that, even after you are finished, you can lose more fat (called "Afterburn").

You only get the best HIIT workout benefits if you put 90% to 100% of your total power, which is possible only for a limited period physically. "If you can go beyond 10 minutes you haven't been working hard enough," So give your all! I know it’s difficult for beginners, but you have to try and become better. As because you want results in a small-time, you also need to push yourself massively physically and mentally.

If you can go more than 10 minutes, then your body adjusts - that means you have to spend more time trying to achieve the same results.

The exercise split (circuit) is here designed to target different areas of your body—with 5-5 minute High Impact Exercises. If these 2 circuits of a 10-minute workout are completed, after each exercise you will feel the burn and the next exercise become more challenging that brings your last drop of water in your mouth.

Exactly how you will burn calories and that’s when you can say, ‘I am done for today’!

Sounds GREAT!! But Even I Don’t Have Enough Time For A 10-minute Workout!

Yes, you have time. Mostly when people say they don’t have time, what they really mean is “I don’t want to” or “I am tired!”.

Staying in shape and feeling happy and good about yourself needs only 2-3 hours of a week from you. If you practice these exercises at home or park 3-4 times a week, hydrate and sleep well, eat healthily and in moderation, pre-cook food and take it away with you to the office so you don’t cheat, this all would take your 60-70 minutes.

No matter how busy you are, there is no excuse not to prioritize your wellbeing.

These best HIIT 10-minute workouts will cut your fat resources in a short time. As you wanted! Now, no looking back.

Put out time for your health because it is a win-win; it provides you with more motivation to be more successful, to feel better, to work for more hours and to live out more.












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