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8 Proven Health Benefits of Biotin!

At some point in life, almost everyone finds health problems taking a toll on their body. Our friend, Sakshi knew a health crisis approached her when she began to live in the past. What she missed dearly, were her luscious hair and glowing skin. She could not stop thinking about them. The fact that she could never go back to shiny, long hair pissed her.

One fine day, she approached us. And the solution we gave her was everything she hoped it would be. Biotin supplements. 

A deficiency in biotin has been directly linked to a range of common skin and hair conditions.  

If you are in this phase which Sakshi once went through, let us tell you biotin would make it a point to go the long way in order to ensure you break up with these issues. There are certain causes of Biotin deficiency and symptoms - among which hair fall and lifeless hair are important two. 

Here is our small attempt to guide you through biotin - What it does and 8 proven health benefits of biotin! Tighten your seat belts because this journey is going to nourish both your skin and hair. Ready?

What is biotin good for?


Before we jump to why biotin is favoured by experts and its natural medicinal properties, you must know what biotin is.

Biotin or Vitamin B7 is a water-soluble vitamin required for a variety of different processes in your body.

It is involved in the production of glucose, metabolism of amino acids (to derive protein) and synthesis of fatty acids ( to store extra energy). The involvement of biotin in all three, especially the production of fatty acids is important to maintain the health of your skin, hair and nails.

When you eat food, you derive fats and carbohydrates from them. Here biotin comes into the picture where it is responsible for breaking down of these fats and carbohydrates and turning them into energy. Further, biotin metabolises amino acids into protein and uses them to build healthy skin, hair and nails.

In short, biotin is essential for good general health and well-being of everyone, young and old, men and women. People often ask when to take biotin supplements

Health benefits of Biotin

The main role of biotin, as discussed above, is to assist in healthy metabolism functioning. This enables metabolised fats, proteins and carbohydrates to effectively produce the energy our bodies need to survive. But that’s not it! Biotin also plays an important role in cognitive functions and maintaining cell growth.

For your ease of understanding, here are the 8 health benefits of biotin. 

  • Maintains healthy hair

When you notice splitting and thinning hair, someone must have introduced you to Keratin. It is a basic protein that makes up your hair and is naturally present. Be it for hair elasticity or structural support, keratin is pervasive.

A study published in 2008 confirms that Keratin is found in the hair matrix. This hair keratin acts as a shield for the outer layers of your hair as well as the inner core.  

In case of deficiency of keratin, your hair cortex i.e., the middle part of the hair becomes prone to damage. This results in frizzy hair strands and split ends.

Here’s your hair saviour - Biotin!

It improves keratin biostructure by stimulating keratin production. Keratin then stimulates the growth of hair follicles. Eventually, it successfully maintains the health of your hair and turns them thick and smooth. It’s your sign to use biotin for hair growth!

  • Improves the health of your nails


Keratin is made up of layers of protein that also protect nails from damage.

Harvard Medical School reported that 27% of women suffer from brittle nails. There can be many underlying reasons such as overexposure to chemicals and detergents, keratin deficiency or injuries caused to nails.

Since keratin prevents breakage and strengthens your nails, its deficiency adversely affects the structure of your nails.

Biotin nutrients play an important role in the production of keratin that will protect nails from any sort of damage. Since the amount of keratin determines the growth of your nails, the biotin vitamin is of immense value for strong and healthy nails.

  • Gives you radiant-looking skin


Not only in hair and nails, but keratin is also found in your skin. This study reveals that keratin is in fact the major structural protein that makes up your skin. 

In this fast-pacing world, your skin attracts a lot of irritants from outdoor pollution and the scorching sun heat. This can badly damage your skin! Let alone the absence of a natural glow, this will result in premature ageing of the skin.

Clearly, if you are reading this, you don’t want that to happen! Here is your lifetime saviour - Biotin!

Biotin is a beauty vitamin that stimulates keratin production. This grows healthy skin cells, corrects dry and itchy skin and gives you a nice, radiant glow. Hence, it will be right to say that biotin works as a preventive measure when it comes to skin. For you, it fights back wearing and tearing of skin over time.

  • Reduces blood sugar levels


People with Type 2 diabetes face high blood sugar levels since enough insulin is not produced. Due to this, a higher proportion of sugar is left untreated and blood sugar levels shoot up.

But that’s not it! It has been concluded by researchers that in case you’re already suffering from Type 2 diabetes and biotin deficiency is detected, glucose goes unregulated.

As we discussed above, biotin and glucose are two major components of the metabolic processes of energy. Therefore, biotin deficiency can negatively affect the glucose balance of your body.

There is a way out! A 2007 study concluded that when biotin is taken with chromium, improved management of blood sugar levels is seen in people with Type 2 diabetes.

Further, a 1990 study suggested regular biotin administration for diabetic patients.

  • Protects the health of your heart


In order to protect your heart from ailments such as inflammation, strokes and attacks, getting adequate biotin is essential.

Since people with diabetes are likely to develop heart disease, a biotin-rich diet is always recommended. Biotin lowers the bad cholesterol levels in your body and increases good cholesterol resulting in a healthy and safe heart. 

  • Maintains nervous system activity


Alzheimer’s disease is a kind of brain disorder that causes individuals a gradual decline in their memory.

A study published in 2017 concluded that biotin has the potential to prevent and manage Alzheimer’s disease.

Therefore, it would be right to mention that biotin stimulates the activity of your nervous system and is efficient in delivering nerve signals.

  • Rebuilds tissues in your body


We all know that tissues don’t last forever. Excessive dehydration or muscle activity may result in tissue breakdown. Since biotin belongs to the family of B-vitamins, it plays a crucial role in helping your tissue grow.

In case of a muscle injury, biotin also supports the development of muscles and rebuilds muscle strength. Alleviate your struggles with muscle strength with biotin!

  • Ensures a healthy pregnancy



A 2002 clinical trial presented that mild biotin deficiency is common in pregnancy. This occurs because vitamins are broken down faster and as a result, a pregnant female may require more biotin than normal.

Hence for a normal and healthy pregnancy, biotin supplements are suggested. They easily make up for low levels of biotin in new mothers and support the birthing of a new life.


Biotin builders also known as supplements stimulate the production of keratin that works wonders in reducing hair fall and reversing brittle nails. 

Replacing unhealthy lifestyle choices with a healthy and high-purity biotin supplement will push you to your aspirations of younger-looking skin and shiny hair. 

The most prominent way to take the benefits of biotin for skin and hair inside your body is in tablet form.

We, at GoYNG, have done all the hard work for you. Having adhered to the supreme standards of the FDA, we feel proud to present before you, our Biotin Hair Vitamin Tablets.

It is specifically curated for people who want healthy and fuller hair, better nail health and glowing skin. To serve the purpose, we have sourced high purity biotin from its natural home and captured its array of benefits in 60 tablets, each of 500 mg biotin.

These biotin vitamin tablets are manufactured right here in India with strict quality control. What’s left is a simple click from you to bring home the myriad benefits to your hair, skin and nails with this nutrition-enriched biotin superfood. Read all about it here

Side effects of biotin


There is no known toxicity associated with biotin. Being a water-soluble vitamin, the increased quantities of biotin are pretty tolerable and do not result in any side effects.

In rare cases, people reported skin irritation.

Pregnant women are advised to consult their gynaecologist before taking biotin supplements.

In case you’re scared to take a chance, our suggestion will be to start slow with the lowest dose and gradually build up. Once you’re sure that your body has assimilated biotin effectively, take a leap of faith and consume biotin builders in the required quantities.

Final Thoughts

When you ask best nutrition for hair growth, Biotin is certainly one of them. Biotin is an exemplary beauty vitamin that passes on charming properties to your body and works best for hair, skin and nails.

Since it is a water-soluble vitamin, it generally gets discharged through urine. This is why consuming it as food or a dietary supplement is required to reach the required amount.

So, are you ready to step into healthy (and beauty) living with biotin?

We hope this blog helped you find answers on 8 proven health benefits of biotin. Do mention in the comments which of the benefits would you like to derive from biotin. Lastly, if you have any questions, shoot them in the comment section. Our team will be happy to take them up!

Frequently Asked Questions


  • How to know if you are low on biotin?

The common signs and symptoms of biotin are hair loss, irritated skin, brittle nails, swollen tongue and cracks at the corner of your mouth.

  1. What are some of the biotin-rich foods for hair growth?

Some of the biotin-rich foods for hair growth are as follows:

  • Egg yolk
  • Organ meats (liver)
  • Fish
  • Nut butter(s)
  • Sweet potatoes
  1. What is biotin used for?

Biotin supplements offer an array of benefits. From maintaining the health of your hair, nails and skin to rebuilding tissues in your body, biotin is your knight in shining armour. 

  1. Is biotin good for hair?

Yes, biotin is essential for your hair to stimulate keratin production. Keratin is required to further stimulate hair follicles and improve the hair growth cycle.

  1. What should I know about biotin before taking it?

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin which makes it safe for consumption in the form of supplements. There are no adverse side effects attached to it. It’s just that if you have any prior medical conditions, you are advised to consult your healthcare professional.

  1. How much biotin should I take a day?

NIH has advised about 25 mcg of biotin in the diet of a teen and 30 mcg of biotin in the diet of an adult. For pregnant and breast-feeding females, the advised dose of biotin per day is comparatively a little more, which is about 30-35 mcg of biotin in their diet.

  1. What is the best way to take biotin?

If you ask us, the best and most-effective way to take biotin supplements is in tablet form. You can check out our biotin hair vitamin tablets here.

  1. When to take biotin tablets?

When you find your body is beginning to shred excessive hair strands or your skin is becoming dull and irritated, know that it is the time to take biotin tablets.

  1. What is the best biotin supplement to take?

At GoYNG, we have formulated the best biotin supplement known as Biotin Hair Vitamin Tablets. It is an advanced formula that makes hair stronger from the roots. Having adhered to the quality standard of FDI, it significantly improves hair volume and maintains the health of your nails and skin.

  1. How long will it take for biotin to work?

Results vary from individual to individual. We recommend biotin supplements for a minimum of 3 to 4 months to see improvements in your skin and hair growth cycle.

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