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Nagkesar for Piles: Know Its 4 Mindboggling Benefits

Around 10 million people in India have to suffer silently from the pain of piles every year, a disease that has become an epidemic due to lifestyle-related problems like stress, insomnia,  constipation, and consumption of fast food. 

Studies also claim that every second individual across the globe suffers from piles once in their life between the age of 45-65. 

Luckily, there are some natural remedies that can help you fight it.

Nagkesar for piles is considered one of the best remedies. This ayurvedic herb, can be your perfect partner in your fight with piles and give you immense relief from pain and discomfort. It can even shrink the piles mass.

In case you have apprehensions about the benefits of this soothing herb, keep reading this blog.  We are sure you would end up adding this nature’s miracle herb to your daily diet for piles.

What is nagkesar used for?

Nagkesar also known as Mesua Ferrea is native to tropical countries like India, Nepal, Burma, Malaysia, and the Philippines. In India, it is found in Assam, Mizoram, Tripura, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka, and Konkan. 

For ages, this tree’s bark, leaves, woods, flowers, and seeds are used for various Ayurvedic treatments. This plant is loaded with anti-inflammatory, wound healing, anti-ulcer, anti-venom, anti-convulsant, diuretic, pain relieving, and disinfectant properties. 

Moreover, it is an excellent natural remedy for bleeding and gastrointestinal and urinary tract disorders. 

Nature has bombarded this amazing herb with essential oils and fatty acids apart from other beneficial components. 

What is nagkesar used for?

As per Ayurveda, the Laghu (easy to digest) properties of nagkesar make it a good digestive. It is also used as a medicine for fever as it helps lower the temperature of the body. What's more, its astringent property makes it an excellent component to manage bleeding piles, stomach irritation, and dysentery.

Its antimicrobial and wound healing capacity makes it an amazing component for improving skin and preventing skin infections. It is also used topically for reducing inflammation and pain as it has analgesic and anti-inflammatory qualities.

As a pain reliever, wound healer, and digestive, nagkesar is a blessing for piles and you can also consider it the best remedy. There are food questions for piles, but let us explore this one ingredient if you are suffering from piles. 

 For wound healing 

In piles, your veins swell in the lower anus or rectum and this swelling can cause inflammation in other tissues. 

Piles can be external and internal. Sometimes external piles can bulge around the anus and if they get popped, accidentally or intentionally, there would be open wounds. 

Also when a lot of blood accumulates in a pile, it can burst and create a wound. 

 If you are suffering from the pain of such wounds, nagkesar can give you relief. 

Nagkesar and its oil are beneficial for wound healing. It not only gives relief from pain but it reduces swelling and makes the skin smooth. 

Studies have shown that this herb can help immensely in healing wounds. It has a curative property that works extremely well for treating skin rashes, and skin infections. It also soothes inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

For pain relief

In piles, defecating becomes extremely painful and sometimes unbearable due to swollen blood vessels. 

Studies have indicated that nagkesar is excellent for pain relief.

It can be used to reduce the piles’ pain since it contains some chemical components which have analgesic (medications that relieve different types of pain) and anti-inflammatory properties. 

These properties prevent the activities of chemicals that cause pain and inflammation and give you relief.

If you want to bid adieu to this pain in a natural way, you must try GoYNG Piles Care powder, which has nagkesar powder along with 50 other herbs. Its astringents, anti-inflammatory ingredients, pain relief components, and constipation fighting agents, give you complete relief from piles. 

For reducing piles lumps

Pile lumps are excruciatingly painful and they make pooping next to impossible for you. When they are squeezed by anal muscles they create extreme discomfort and they are even more painful when there is no blood supply to the pile. 

Nagkesar gives relief to swelling and it also reduces the piles' lumps. As per Ayurveda, nagkesar brings a balance in your body heat by reducing acid influx and lumps.

For bleeding piles

Due to your unhealthy lifestyle, you suffer from constipation and using too much force while pooping and the hard stool swells up the veins in the rectum. When too much blood accumulates in a pile, it can burst and start bleeding. 

Nevertheless,  don’t confuse that with a bleeding pile, because when a pile bursts and blood comes out you will be relieved from the pain. But when a pile is bleeding and you still feel the pain, you have a bleeding pile rather than a burst pile. 

The astringent properties of  Nagkesar make it the best medicine for bleeding piles. Taking nagkesar powder with lukewarm water or honey can help manage bleeding piles. GoYNG Piles Care has natural nagkesar powder along with other herbs and it is a perfect supplement to get rid of pain and discomfort. 

How to use Nagkesar for piles?

Nagkesar can be consumed and its oil can also be used for piles. Ayurveda recommends Nagkesar powder or churna for treating piles.  

But with your hectic life, getting fresh nagkesar, especially if you reside in a place where it is not available locally, is a hassle. Hence, adding a supplement that uses fresh ingredients is a more hassle-free way to add this excellent herb to your diet. 

GoYNG Piles Care Powder uses unadulterated nagkesar powder along with 50 other herbs. It gives you relief from pain, prevents bleeding, prevents constipation, reduces itching and discomfort, and soothes swollen veins.

GoYNG manufactures all its supplements in ISO, FFSAI, FDA certified facilities to give you the best product that boosts your health and changes your life for the better. 

Are there any side effects of Nagkesar?

While using nagkesar as a supplement or medicine, you must know

  • There is not enough scientific evidence on whether it could be used by a breastfeeding woman. So taking the advice of a doctor is necessary in this case.
  • If you are taking medicines for diabetes and hypertension, you must take the doctor’s advice before consuming this herb.
  • Pregnant women should also consult their health care provider before using nagkesar.
  • Never have it on an empty stomach. Always consume it after a meal. 
  • Always have it within the recommended doses and never have an overdose of it.


Nagkesar can be immensely useful if you are suffering from piles. But consulting a doctor before adding it to your diet will be a better way to avoid any side effects. 

We have tried to answer all your queries about the benefits of nagkesar for piles in this blog. If you found it helpful in your quest to know more about this magical herb, do let us know by commenting below. 


What is a nagkesar flower?

Nagkesar flower is an ornamental flower found in tropical regions that has some amazing medicinal value.

Which part of Nagkesar is used?

The buds, seeds, leaves, barks, fruits, and stamen of nagkesar are used for medicine.

Where is nagkesar found in India?

Nagkesar is found in Assam, Mizoram, Tripura, Konkan, Tamilnadu, Kerala, and  Karnataka in India. 


What is cobra saffron?

Cobra saffron is nagkesar which is also known as Mesua Ferrea.

Can nagkesar cure piles?

Yes, nagkesar can cure piles by giving you relief from pain, reducing piles mass, preventing bleeding, healing wound, and soothing swollen veins. 

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