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Are you hesitating to ask how to cure piles permanently at home?

Nalima, a 24-year-old, freshly graduated software developer at a huge IT Firm found herself crying in the bathroom due to the excruciating pain of Piles. 

Although she had achieved the biggest dream of her life, the poor choice of lifestyle like eating junk food at odd hours without any exercise had led to this torturing pain in her life. 

Above everything, she was very humiliated and embarrassed to ask someone for a remedy for this torturous situation. She desperately wanted to find a cure at home without wanting to discuss it with anyone.

Nalima is not alone. Around 50-85% of the world population is affected by piles every year and only a small percentage of around 5% gathers the courage to consult a doctor.

Put all your worries at ease as we have researched the methods you can use right from the convenience of your home to find relief from the excruciating suffering from piles.

So, let's start with a brief understanding of what Piles are and then help you find a solution to cure piles permanently at home.

What are piles and how are they caused?

Piles are also known as Bawasir in Hindi or hemorrhoids. 

For a better understanding of how are they caused let’s dive into a brief description of the two types of piles.

  1. Internal Piles: They are present in the rectum and don’t hurt generally. 

It may develop into a prolapse that hangs outside the anal opening.

There are 5 Grades of internal hemorrhoids on the basis of the degree of prolapse.

Grade I- The growth might cause painless bleeding and remains as a small bulge.

Grade II- The piles might protrude or prolapse outside the anus but return inside on their own.

Grade III: The piles prolapse outside the anus and go back inside only with manual intervention

Grade IV: The pile prolapse outside the anus and cannot be pushed back in.

  1. External Piles: They are present under the skin outside of the anal canal. 

Blood might accumulate in such piles and lead to clotting which is called Thrombosed hemorrhoids.

Why do you get piles

When blood vessels around the anal canal experience pressure it leads to blood vessel inflammation which results in the enlargement of vessels leading to swelling of soft tissues covering these veins which look like a bulge called Piles.

Few reasons why is piles caused are listed below: 

  1. Constipation

If you have been wondering what is the main cause of Piles, the answer is constipation. 

Due to the passage of hard stools, pressure on the walls of the intestine increases. This results in enlargement and inflammation of blood vessels and the soft tissues surrounding them, which is why Piles occur. 

Poor lifestyle decisions, low fiber diet, consumption of more processed food, and less physical exercise are major reasons which lead to constipation.

Formulating a high fiber diet requires a lot of research which is dependent on your health condition, availability, and cost-effectiveness of raw food materials. 

Above all the biggest hurdle is to follow a complicated diet plan consistently. 

This is why GoYNG serves Piles Care, an easy-to-consume powder with high fiber content and other essential nutrients which help you to treat and avoid Piles.

  1. Long sitting hours

Sitting for more than 1 hr results in pressure on the bottom.

  1. Aging

Aging causes the tissues surrounding the blood vessels in the anal canal to become weak resulting in the enlargement of blood vessels.

  1. Obesity

The weight and pressure of the whole body are applied on the bottom.

  1. Pregnant Woman

As women gain weight due to physiological changes in the body, the necessity of resting and long sitting hours.

  1. Genetic factor

Genes might make a person more prone to enlargement of vessels and the development of weaker tissue walls in the anal canal.

How to cure piles naturally? 

If you have been wondering how to naturally cure piles you have come the right way as the best way to cure piles is to go the natural way.

Following are some easy steps you can take to cure as well as prevent piles.

  1. Drink an adequate amount of water

Drinking water less than required by the body might lead to dehydration which is the prime cause of constipation. 

In this situation, the large intestines tend to absorb water from the digested food waste making the stools dry and hard to pass.

Hence, the best way to prevent piles and reduce the complication in piles is to increase daily water intake to at least 8 glasses of water per day.

  1. Exercise

Depending on your health conditions, exercise daily to keep piles away from you and ensure you have healthy gut health.


The Yoga Asana called Aswini Mudra is the contraction and relaxation of anal sphincter muscles. 

You must sit or lie in a comfortable position, contract your anal muscle for 5 secs and relax for 10 sec and repeat this at least 5 times. 

It is recommended to cure as well as prevent piles in the most efficient way.

Kegel exercise

The exercise might sound new to you but don’t let it scare you. 

It is nothing but pelvic floor exercise which improves blood circulation and increases blood flow to the pelvic region. 

Kegel exercises strengthen pelvic floor muscles which help in holding internal piles and prevent the protrusion of existing piles.

Brisk Walking

Walking is the easiest exercise to get blood circulation flowing effectively throughout the body. 

This results in effective flow of blood in the intestinal area too hence decreasing the chances of Piles by clotting of blood.

It is recommended to brisk walk i.e., walk at a fast pace for at least 30 minutes daily.

Water-based exercises

Water-based exercises like swimming and water aerobics are highly recommended to prevent piles and reduce complications as they help in strengthening the anal muscles and the lower back. 

Especially swimming is beneficial for age groups and body types for effective exercise

Improving diet 

Including a high fiber diet helps in efficient digestion and easy bowel movements. Having triphala, few ayurved suggested and natural fruits and vegetables are great food for piles.

The best way to start with a high fiber diet is to take supplements like GoYNG Piles Care which is available in easy-to-consume powder form.

Reducing consumption of processed food and junk diet has also been highly suggested to avoid constipation and ultimately piles. 

Reduction of alcohol and caffeine consumption must also be highly considered as the brew soaks up a lot of water from the stool and leads to harder stool and constipation.

Avoid applying strain during bowel movements.

Straining during bowel movements could make the swelling and bleeding worse. 

If one has constipation the pressurized passage of stools would complicate the situation more. Hence, it is best to let the body naturally control the bowel movements to avoid piles.

Avoid long sitting hours

Work from home culture has resulted in long sitting hours in front of a digital device.  

This results in pressure on the bottom which might result in inflammation of the blood vessels and eventually piles. 

This is why it is recommended to stand up for at least a minute after sitting for 1 hr for better blood flow. 

Don’t hold the urge

When the urge comes to use the washroom it is suggested to not hold it. 

It is better to leave the control of the bowel movements to the body and neither urge nor hold the pressure. 

No matter how urgent the situation it is recommended to follow the urge, especially if you are already suffering from piles.

Keep the bottom dry

Keep your bottom clean and dry by patting and avoiding any friction. 

Wet conditions might give rise to infections and more complications. 

It is also recommended to avoid scented wet tissues as it may cause irritation in the cuts that might be present at the end of the anal canal.

Take warm baths 

It is highly suggested to take warm water baths with Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) after bowel movements to ease the piles. 

As the warm water will help in relaxing the anal muscles and provide a soothing experience from the pain. 

You can use a traditional tub and fill warm water in it or you can use a sitz bath which is a small tub that fits on your toilet seat for a comfortable warm bath.

Use of cold compress

As you might know cold temperature results in decreasing blood circulation.

Compressing cold packs or ice wrapped in a cloth at the bottom of the anal canal for a few minutes at a time can help in the same. 

It is recommended to not use ice directly to the affected area to avoid any direct complications to the skin.

Best way to cure piles

Since finding the quality herbal compounds for treating piles and formulating the right amount for maximum benefits would be exhausting and highly risky, we recommend you an FDA-approved naturally formulated supplement by GoYNG called PilesCare which could be your one-stop solution for caring and curing your Piles. 

It includes quality extracts of all the beneficial herbs including Witch hazel, Jimikand, Nagkesar, Hing, and 33 more components that have been proven to be pain relievers, constipation fighters, bleeding, and pile mass reducers along with itching and discomfort soothing properties.


The pain endured in Piles is immense and can only be understood by the people who have or are suffering. 

During the suffering they promise themselves to live healthily and when they heal they go back to the same unhealthy habits which push them into the endless loop of Piles recurrence. 

Today, make yourself a promise to consciously choose a healthy lifestyle and adopt foods good for piles and abide by it to prevent Piles forever. 

Enjoy the bliss of having a healthy body and strive to maintain it so.

As the proverb says- If you’re healthy, you’re wealthy.

Let us know in the comments if there is any method we missed that you find useful to cure piles at home efficiently.


How can I treat piles at home without surgery? 

If you are in the early stages of piles you can easily treat piles by upgrading your lifestyle by including a high fiber diet, daily exercising, consumption of adequate amounts of water, and avoiding processed food.

Why does my piles keep coming back?

Piles are a recurrent disease if we return back to making poor lifestyle decisions instead of following healthy lifestyle decisions to prevent piles. It is recommended to take supplements like GoYNG PilesCare which helps in preventing and as well as healing piles.

How do I know if I have piles?

If you are experiencing pain while bowel movements, observe blood in the fecal discharge, or feel small lumps or outgrowths around the anal opening it is highly likely you are suffering from piles.

Do piles go away on their own?

In most cases, if we take proper care and include a healthy diet, piles generally tend to go away on their own and don’t need any surgical interventions.

How do I get rid of piles?

On the basis of the type and stage of piles, the method of medication will be decided by your physician. It is hence highly recommended to first consult an expert before self-medicating as it might worsen the compilation.

How long does piles last?

According to the degree of complication, the piles will take time to heal. Generally, it can last a week to a few months.

What's the best sleep position for hemorrhoids?

It is recommended to sleep on your stomach to reduce the pressure on your bottom. Also, putting cushions in between your legs and wearing comfortable clothing are suggested while sleeping for comfort.

Why do piles come?

Piles may arise due to various poor lifestyle decisions, genetic factors, or other conditions. They form due to the enlargement of blood vessels which swells the surrounding tissue resulting in the formation of piles. 

Do piles cause death?

If Grade IV piles are left untreated it may lead to loss of blood flow due to pressure and cause the death of the tissue i.e, gangrene. This is ignored further might cause death.

Can Ayurveda cure piles?

Yes, Ayurveda can most effectively cure piles. In fact, the herbs that over the years have been proven to cure and prevent piles have been extracted by GoYNG in the form of PilesCare for a better lifestyle.

What is the main cause of piles?

Long sitting hours are the prime reason for Piles along with constipation.

Is piles a serious disease?

Hemorrhoids are present in every individual. The issue begins when the vessels present in it inflame and cause swelling in the nearby tissues resulting in piles that generally heal on their own or through home remedies and medication. If untreated it develops into sores and ulcers which spread to the small intestine and are called fistula. Hence in serious conditions, it is recommended to consult a physician positively.

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