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Mistakes to avoid while using Jeera for Piles Cure

As the sun rose, Sona, a 32-year-old mother, started her morning by drinking jeera water, which has been her routine for 5 years now. She believes that because of this routine she has been able to live with Piles free for all these years.

This might not be exactly true.

An extraordinary unknown fact that this ritual is performed blindly is that jeera water cannot comprehend Jeera's major benefit, which is its high fiber content of 11g. 

Then which is the best way to use jeera for maximum benefits to cure constipation and prevent Piles?

Continue reading this article to get more details on the use of jeera for piles treatment. 

What is Jeera?

Cumin, commonly known as Jeera, is a plant native to Southern Asia and the Mediterranean. 

The seeds of Cuminum cyminum are extensively used as regular and mostly spice in Indian cuisine and used to add flavor to dishes in almost all culinary preparation. 

The use of Jeera for health benefits varies over a range. It is tremendously used and widely popular as a traditional medicine for digestion problems.

Jeera and its value-added products like oleoresin and cumin oil are used for exporting. The essential oils extracted from seeds are used in trade, perfumery, drug sectors, etc.

Jeera consists of 3-4% of volatile oil amongst which 45-50% is Cuminaldehyde, one of the major essential oils which renders the special aroma of Jeera. 

This aromatic organic compound stimulates salivary glands which smooth the progress of the primary digestion of food. 

This is the reason why the use of Cumin for constipation and other digestive problems is extensive.

Another compound called Thymol in Jeera stimulates the secretion of enzymes and bile in the stomach and intestines respectively. This makes it responsible for the complete digestion of food.

Jeera is used as a carminative agent which greatly helps in relieving gas. 

Nutrition profile contains a range of minerals like magnesium, sodium, etc, and essential oils which all help in promoting digestion. 

What are the Benefits of Jeera for Piles?

Constipation is one of the major reasons leading to Piles, which if ignored develop into painful Piles. 

The use of Jeera for constipation can be seen in ancient traditional medicine.

It is also considered one of the best home remedies for Piles cure as it contains a good source of dietary fibers which help with many digestive issues, especially Piles. 

The dietary fibers are not digestible, hence, they move out of the system almost without any change. 

This is the reason why foods with high dietary fiber are considered to be one of the best recommendations for people with digestive issues. 

This is why GoYNG presents Piles Care which includes the best quality extracts of Jeera along with 50+ other best ingredients for Piles in an FDA-approved easy-to-consume powder form.

There are many health benefits of jeera seeds for digestion since it contains a good 11g high fiber content, making it a natural laxative, which very effectively helps in good bowel movement thereby preventing constipation, eventually Piles.

Essential oils are responsible for giving Jeera enzyme stimulating, antifungal and antimicrobial properties. 

These components also help in giving Jeera healing properties so that the wounds around the affected area dry and cure faster. 

Cuminaldehyde is an extremely essential phytochemical and is used for a variety of health benefits as an antioxidant, carminative and antiflatulent agent.

By increasing gastrointestinal tract enzyme secretion, Jeera enhances digestion power and thereby gastrointestinal tract motility.

Other benefits of Jeera

One of the most popular methods to enjoy all these benefits of Jeera is to make Jeera water. If you have been wondering how to prepare jeera water, you just soak a teaspoon of jeera water overnight, and the next day strain and drink it. 

Quick quiz time! Where is the most valuable fiber of Jeera? 

Yes, not in your stomach where it is required the most to do its job.

This is the problem with Jeera water, that you are deprived of the most essential benefit Jeera has to serve. 

Now even if you were to eat a handful of raw Jeera it is unlikely that you will be getting all the high fiber content in adequate amounts without experiencing any side effects. 

As the saying goes - ‘Anything in excess is poison’, are you really sure you are getting all the necessary benefits with proper dosage and quality?

Don’t worry. We have just the solution to your problem. Also you can refer few other natural food like jimikand, haritaki churna, triphala etc which are good for piles. 

Best supplement constituting Jeera 

Your question of How to use Jeera for constipation and Piles has been solved by GoYNG.
GoYNG presents the best supplement - Piles Care Powder, which constitutes premium quality Jeera with all of its high fiber benefits and extremely beneficial health benefits along with 50+ other quality herb extracts which have been proven to heal and prevent Piles.

It has a super combination of 18 astringents, 21 constipation fighters, 30 anti-inflammatory ingredients, and 15 pain relief natural ingredients which make sure that you do not suffer from constipation and Piles

You get all of this in an FDA approved easy to consume powder formulation which has no foul smell, added sugars, and tasty flavour.

So don’t waste any more time and order your dose of health with the benefits of Jeers right now.

Let us know our thoughts in the comments of your way to make sure your diet contains the best quality and all the benefits of Jeera.

  • FAQs
  1. Does jeera help for piles?

Absolutely Yes. Jeera has a good 11g high fiber content which makes it a really great natural laxative and bowel movement simulator which helps in preventing constipation, the major reason for Piles. It also has many essential oils which help in healing wounds along with many other benefits.

  1. Does Cumin cause constipation?

Actually, Jeera is one of the oldest and most popular traditional medicines which has been used majorly to treat digestion-related issues, especially Piles.

  1. What are the side effects of jeera water?

Rather than a side effect, Jeera water deprives you of the high fiber content which is the most essential reason why Jeera is recommended when people are suffering from Piles.

  1. Is jeera good for gas?

Jeera is absolutely beneficial for relieving gas due to the range of essential oils present in it which have an antiflatulent effect.

  1. Can we eat jeera every day?

Yes, you can eat Jeera every day but in proper dosage and quality, which is why GoYNG presents you Piles Care which contains quality extracts of Jeera along with 50+ other components in easy-to-consume powder form which helps in preventing and curing Piles.

  1. Which spice is good for piles?

Jeera is one of the most beneficial spices for Piles as it contains high fiber content and a variety of essential oils.

  1. Is Cumin and Jeera the same?

Yes, Jeera is called Cumin in English. It is the same.

  1. What is the spice cumin good for?

Cumin is great for curing and preventing Piles due to its high fiber content and essential oils.

  1. Is jeera good for constipation?

Yes, of course, Jeera is good for constipation due to its high fiber content which helps in easy bowel movement and softer stools, which overall prevents constipation.

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