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Quick and Easy Home treatment for Indigestion, Gas and Acidity

Do you pop an antacid every time you feel acidity? 

What most people don't know is that with the instant relief that antacid serves comes a lot of unknown harm and side effects.

Be it a celebrity in the stars or a layman on the streets, acidity is something that happens to everyone without bias. There are few eye opening facts about acidity and its repercussions.

In India, 56% of families suffer from digestive health problems with the top 3 issues being reported to be gas, acidity and indigestion. 

An alarming 50% of the population has at least one of these three issues.

Do you want to know how you can protect yourself from these stomach issues from the ingredients present right there in your kitchen?

Read this article where we share the secrets of the best home treatment for indigestion, gas and acidity you can start using today for a better lifestyle.

What is acidity?

When the stomach acid finds an opposite way out from the stomach to the esophagus and causes an uneasy burning sensation in the chest, it is called an acidity problem.

Acidity is a very typical problem in society with a standard solution of consuming antacids which is a huge misunderstanding. 

Antacids are substances that lower acidity levels in the stomach.

As low and high acidity problems have the same symptoms, people mindlessly pop antacids without this knowledge. In fact, low acidity levels have higher repercussions as undigested food would mean less absorption of nutrients and more matter in the intestine which is problematic. A disturbed indigestion may lead to diseases like acid reflux, constipation, piles, unwanted weight gain etc. Acidity is just not a one day thing for most people, right ? 

Symptoms of acidity are

  1. Heartburn- Feeling a burning sensation in the chest and upper abdomen area
  2. Regurgitation- Acid backing in throat or mouth with a bitter sour taste
  3. Dysphagia- Feeling of food stuck in your mouth
  4. Nausea- An urge of vomiting and uneasiness
  5. Burping- Release of gas through the mouth with an acid aftertaste

Of the many causes of acidity, a few are discussed below:

  1. Eating snacks before going to sleep or at night
  2. Quickly eating large meals or lying down after
  3. Consumption of beverages like alcohol, tea, carbonated drinks, etc
  4. Lifting things up or bending over after a meal
  5. Overweightness or obesity may also increase the occurrence of acidity

What are the home remedies for acidity

Home remedies are the best for curing acidity as they provide natural treatment with very less or no side effects on our body.

A few of them are discussed below.


Also known as fennel seeds contain essential oil compounds which are responsible to balance acid levels in the stomach and soothe the stomach. 

Saunf is an antispasmodic herb which means it is great for soothing involuntary muscle spasms in the stomach and intestine resulting in relief from acidity, gassiness, and uneasiness in the stomach.

You can take a spoonful of saunf and chew it directly, boil the crushed fennel seeds or drink fennel tea after a meal to experience relief from symptoms of indigestion


Also known as Adrak in Hindi can be commonly found in Indian households and is popular for curing indigestion. 

It contains a rich amount of compounds like antioxidants and phenolic compounds which relieve reduced gastric contractions and result in a low probability of acid flowing into your esophagus from your stomach.

It can be added to warm water along with honey and lemon or a small amount can be added to tea and the benefits of ginger can be enjoyed to soothe indigestion. 


Cloves have been used as the go-to home remedy for acidity for a very long time. 

Travelers with frequent stomach issues like acidity and vomiting keep it with them always and consume two or three cloves whenever necessary. 

It has a rich nutrient profile and basic nature which helps to give relief from acidity and aids less gas formation.

Consumption of cloves can be direct i.e., you can keep 2-3 cloves in your mouth and chew them which will give instant relief from acidity.

What is indigestion?

Indigestion is defined as continuous or recurring discomfort in the upper abdominal region. Indigestion occurs in all people regardless of their gender and age.

The symptoms of indigestion may also vary with people which might include 

    1. Burning sensation- In the upper abdomen area that is between the breastbone and belly button you might feel an uncomfortable or burning sensation.
    2. Growling sound- You can hear growling sounds coming from the stomach at frequent intervals. 
    3. Bloating- A tightness in the upper abdomen area can be felt which is very uncomfortable.
    4. Abnormal fullness of the stomach- You might feel full even if you have just started your meal or even after a long time after a meal you might be feeling full.
  • Nausea- A feeling of vomiting and feeling uneasy that is not going away.

  • The chances of indigestion increase if a person 

    1. Over Consumes alcohol 
    2. Has smoking habits 
    3. Has preexisting digestive issues 
    4. Experience emotional issues like stress, anxiety, or depression
    5. Have weight issues observed mainly in obese people

    How to treat indigestion at home

    The home treatment of indigestion primarily depends on the underlying reasons for indigestion. All our problems can find a one-stop solution from the basket of Mother Nature. 

    So let us look at the best home remedies for indigestion to wave indigestion goodbye.

    Dhania seeds

    Also known as coriander seeds are widely used for their remedial effects on digestive issues, especially indigestion. 

    Owing to its fiber-rich nutrient profile and antioxidants, dhania seeds aid in efficient digestion by stimulating the secretion of digestive enzymes. 

    You can boil dhania seeds in water for 15 minutes and drink it after cooling it down. The most efficient method is to soak it overnight and consume it first thing in the morning.

    Baking Soda

    Scientifically known as sodium bicarbonate, is a base very helpful to ease indigestion. 

    It reacts with the hydrochloric acid present in the stomach and neutralizes it in the stomach. It is easily available in the market at an affordable price.

    Taking half a teaspoon of baking soda in warm water after a meal can be beneficial for instant relief from indigestion.


    Also known as Indian Gooseberry cures the burning sensation of indigestion along with stimulating the digestive process and has laxative effects.

    It can be consumed directly, mixing it in water, or consumed as a jam or murabba to experience relief from indigestion

    What is gas problem in stomach?

    Gas in the stomach is completely natural and a part of the digestive process. The issue is when it includes more painful or frequent release than normal. 

    It can occur in people with improper eating habits like consumption of food that produces more gas, or an underlying disease might also be the reason for the gas problem in the stomach.

    A few symptoms that you might be able to notice if you have a gas problem are

    1. Burping- Frequent release of gas from mouth
    2. Passing gas- Unusually more passing of gas from the bottom
    3. Cramps- Pain or a knotted feeling in your abdomen area
    4. Bloating- Continuous feeling of fullness and loss of appetite
    5. Distention- Increase in the size of abdomen observably

    The causes of the gas problem in stomach

    1. Swallowing air while eating fast and not chewing properly
    2. Underlying digestive issues like gastrointestinal disease
    3. Lack of movement might prevent the release of gas
    4. Small intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) might also lead to gas problems due to less movement of matter in the small intestine
    5. Food Intolerance like lactose tolerance might be a factor for gas problems

    What are home remedies for gas?

    There are many easily available components present in our kitchens that can efficiently provide a solution for gas problems. The best of them are mentioned below:


    Ajwain, also known as carom seeds is a regular component of kitchen spices and the best home remedy for gas.

    It is most widely used for its efficiency in curing digestive issues with ease.

    It contains a wide range of nutrients and compounds like essential oil called thymol which is known for secreting digestive juices in the stomach. 

    This results in proper digestion of food and prevention of excessive formation of gas.

    It can be directly consumed after a meal or mixed with water to experience relief from gas and associated problems.


    Also called cumin seeds is one the most effective home remedy for gas problems.

    It contains essential oils which stimulate the starting point of the digestion process which are the salivary glands. 

    This helps in better digestion and prevents the formation of excessive gas.

    Jeera can be added to water, boiled for 15 minutes, and consumed after a meal after cooling it down.


    Known as asafoetida is one of the most commonly used spices in Indian households. 

    It has been used as a home remedy for ages for stomach issues, especially gas problems. 

    It acts as an antiflatulent that prevents the growth of bacteria which might be responsible for the production of excessive gas in the stomach.

    Hing can be mixed in warm water and consumed easily, or can be made as a paste and applied on the belly button as a home remedy for gas problems.

    Which medicines are used for treating indigestion, gas and acidity?

    It is highly recommended that you do not pop pills according to your will but take the help of a qualified physician or a pharmacist to prescribe medicine of dosage and effects according to your health condition. 

    There are a huge variety of medicines available in the market and the most recommended ones for you are easily available in your kitchen as home remedies.

    Home remedies for indigestion and acidity along with gas problem

    The best way to find relief from indigestion, gas, and acidity is to include a high fiber diet with lots of greens and avoid packed processed food and junk food.

    Unhealthy food consumption might increase the symptoms of indigestion, gas, and acidity. 

    Hence, it is best to eat homemade healthy food and continue this habit for the long term to avoid suffering from indigestion again.

    With so many natural remedies in Mother Nature’s basket, there is no need to run mindlessly and consume pills with long-term side effects on your body. 

    You can easily consume the above-listed herbs for instant and efficient relief from indigestion, gas, and acidity.

    The caution here is that if you take improper doses of these herbs at infrequent intervals it will prove to be more harmful than cure.

    To stop you from wondering what is the best medicine for acidity and gas along with indigestion, your well-wishers at GoYNG have formulated an FDA-approved supplement called DiZest which has quality extracts of the most beneficial herbs namely ajwain, saunf, and dhania seeds. 

    They are available in an easy-to-consume digestion drop form which contains a high concentration of the three remedial herbs.


    Digestive issues like indigestion, gas and acidity are taken very lightly but can be very harmful in the long term. 

    It is important to make healthy choices daily, no matter how challenging, to enjoy this beautiful life with a fit body.

    It must be remembered that our health is the most important wealth we have in our lives and it is our duty to make sure we keep the machines inside working with the right fuel.

    We hope you choose to make the right choices from today and make the best of your life.

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below and do share the methods which work for you to find relief from acidity, gas and indigestion.


    What helps indigestion fast?.

    Consuming dhania seeds, baking soda, or amla by adding water may help in giving relief from indigestion instantly.

  • What is the fastest way to get rid of acidity?
  • Saunf, Ginger and Cloves can be consumed directly in small amounts to quickly find relief from acidity.

  • Does hot water help acid reflux?
  •            Yes, sipping warm water does help with the uneasiness of acid reflux. It neutralizes acidity in the stomach and aids in digestion.

  • What is the best home remedy for gas?
  • Ajwain is the best home remedy for gas as it has rich components that help in the release of excessive gas from the system.

  • What is the best natural antacid?
  •            The best natural antacids are saunf, ajwain, and dhania seeds which have been proven to give efficient relief from acidity. All of which are present in easy-to-consume digestion drops of GoYNG DiZest.

  • How can I get Unbloated in 5 minutes?
  • If you consume ajwain, hing, or jeera with water you might get relief and unbloated within 5 minutes.

  • What foods neutralize stomach acid immediately?
  • Home remedies like saunf, cloves, and ginger are very efficient in balancing acidity due to their rich nutrient profile known for acting as a natural antacid.

  • What positions help relieve gas?
  • The best way to relieve gas is to perform a yoga position. The most highly recommended Yoga positions are Padmasana and Pavanmuktasana.

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