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The King Of Medicines: Benefits of Haritaki Churna for Piles

Once upon a time, from the highest heavens, fell a small drop of nectar down on the earth. But where did it emerge from? 

It had fallen from the celestial cup of none other than the King of Hindu Gods - Lord Indra. 

This drop germinated into a sprout which grew to be called the Haritaki tree. 

As stated in the Vedas, the Hindu scriptures written in India, the name Haritaki is derived from the name of ‘Hari’, one of the primary epithets of Lord Vishnu. 

Hari means ‘the one who takes away sins’ and Haritaki translates to “that which embodies Hari”.

Haritaki has been regarded as the King of Medicines and has been mentioned in the ancient texts of many religions and countries for the benefit of the body as well as the soul. It has been largely used for gastrointestinal issues, especially constipation and Piles.

Read this article to know what the King of Medicine really is and the benefits of Haritaki churna for Piles.

What is Haritaki?

Haritaki, commonly known as Harad, is one of the major components, along with Amla and Bhibitaki, in Triphala Churna- the most miraculous formulation. 

Triphala churna is the most versatile formulation which is used as a laxative agent during constipation, detoxifying agent of the colon, and is considered a rejuvenator of the body. 

Medicinal uses of Terminalia chebula, which is the scientific name of Haritaki, have been rigorously mentioned in the ancient ayurvedic texts. Haritaki is considered a prime medicinal herb for its marvelous benefits. 

The most used part of the plant along with bark and leaves is the small oblong-shaped fruit and its seed. 

The fruit is consumed largely for easier bowel movements and heals the wounded areas efficiently. For these qualities, it is blindly trusted to cure stomach issues, especially constipation and Piles. 

It is also applied externally to heal inflammations and treat fungal infections

The fruits are collected in their raw state, dried, and powdered for medicinal use. Haritaki is also rich in tannins,flavonoids, sterols, amino acids, resin, etc.

Haritaki uses for Piles

If you are wondering what is Haritaki Churna used for? It is majorly used for one of the most tormenting gastrointestinal diseases - Piles.

Piles also known as hemorrhoids are one the most common conditions associated with gastrointestinal diseases

With the endless side effects that come through the usage of modern medicine, Haritaki is one of the best choices for the herbal treatment of piles.

Hence, all the goodness of Haritaki has been carefully packed in GoYNG Piles Care along with many other important components which can help you from healing Piles. 

The fruit of haritaki is majorly known as a mild laxative which is extremely beneficial for treating hemorrhoids or piles.

Haritaki acts as an anti-inflammatory agent that helps reduce inflammation and healing properties that treat the wound in the gut during piles. 

The reason why it is highly recommended to use haritaki for piles is because of the presence of Gallic acid in Haritaki which acts as a strong coagulating agent which stops bleeding from Piles.

The efficacy of Haritaki against pain is attributed to the many special constituents especially tannins which prohibit certain enzymes and pain-inducing processes along with Harad’s central analgesic effect. Also, chebulagic acid in Haritaki helps in relieving pain.

Tannic acids like gallic acid and ellagic acid have astringent properties which help in the contraction of muscles and efficient bowel movement to clean the gut.

Chebulinic acid and terflavin B also help decrease Piles size as they have a relieving effect from the symptoms of varicose veins and a protective effect on the veins.

One of the prime reasons why Haritaki has been used probably since the origin of Ayurveda is because it demonstrates balancing effects on ‘Vata’ or has antispasmodic properties which makes it a popular traditional remedy for digestive issues.

What are the Benefits of Haritaki Powder?

With the knowledge of the healing benefits of Haritaki churna let's move toward how you can inculcate this miraculous herb in your diet to relieve yourself from the torturous pain of Piles.

It is very interesting how consumption of Harad is recommended with an adjuvant according to seasons as given below:




Rock Salt


Long Pepper Powder




Fresh Jaggery 


Also, according to the benefits you want for your body, it is recommended to let it sink overnight with cow’s urine for Piles or consume it just with water for constipation. Now you must be thinking - Can we take haritaki daily? And the answer is absolute yes. Health benefits of Haritaki are maximum when the best quality of haritaki churna is consumed at the proper dosage.

There are many untrusted and unbranded Haritaki churna in the market with no proper dosage instructions and consumption directions. 

As the saying goes, Anything in excess is harmful, if you take this beneficial herb in inappropriate proportions or adjuvants it could lead to more harm than good. 

It might also lead to a situation where you have been consuming it for months with absolutely no positive effects.

We know the amount of hard work that goes into inculcating an element in the diet, but without any proper instructions, months of hard work go in vain. 

Then what must be done?

Do not worry as you have come to the right place as GoYNG presents you with GoYNG Piles Care.

Best supplement comprising of Haritaki

GoYNG Piles Care presents to you all the best constituents of Haritaki churna along with 50+ natural ingredients which are all FDA approved. 

The most amazing thing is that there are no added sugars, no foul smell, and proper instructions on how to take the powder.

It has 18 astringents, 21 constipation fighters, 30 anti-inflammatory ingredients, and 15 pain relief natural ingredients to make sure you do not suffer from piles anymore through a very easy-to-consume powder formulation.

So what are you waiting for? Order your dose of magic right now and enjoy the benefits of the Haritaki churna designed just for you.


Haritaki - The King of Medicines is widely used across the globe for its wide variety of medicinal effects. To know about more herbal remedies for piles check out this link.

Our body is the only treasure we have and the only wealth we really need to protect to live a happy life. A life with Piles is extremely vile. We hope you understand the importance of a healthy body and treat yourself to all the healthy food and good exercise daily. 

Let us know in the comments about your thoughts on Haritai and write one new thing you learned about Haritaki today. Looking forward to your response.


  1. What is haritaki good for?

Haritaki churna is majorly beneficial for gastrointestinal issues especially Piles and constipation.

  1. What happens when you take haritaki?

When you consume Haritaki the super components present in it start working their magic on easing bowel movements and controlling the bleeding during Piles.

  1. Can we take haritaki daily?

Yes, absolutely Haritaki Churna can be taken daily. The only thing to keep in mind is to consume quality Haritaki powder with the proper dosage.

  1. Is haritaki good for the stomach?

Yes, Haritaki is really good for the stomach especially in cases when you want to reduce acidity and prevent or cure stomach ulcers.

  1. Can I take haritaki on empty stomach?

Yes, in fact, It is recommended to take Haritaki empty stomach.

  1. Is haritaki a probiotic?

Yes. Because Haritaki helps in feeding healthy probiotic microbes in the gut that support nutrient absorption.

It also improves digestion by enhancing the secretion of digestive juices. It also reduces inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract and boosts immunity. 

  1. How often should you take haritaki?

You can take about 10g of powder daily once or twice a day. Haritaki is generally safe and has a long history of use as traditional medicine. 

  1. What is haritaki called in English?

Indian hog plum or Indian walnut.

  1. Does Haritaki cause constipation?

If taken with proper dosage and quality Haritaki in fact is widely used to heal piles and reduce constipation. This is why GoYNG presents Piles Care which has the premium extracts of Haritaki and 55+ other essential components which help you cure and prevent constipation and thereby Piles.

  1. What is Terminalia chebula used for?

Terminalia chebula a.k.a. Haritaki or Harad is majorly used to treat Piles.

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